F2P Labyrinth of Legends Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions

F2P Labyrinth of Legends Guide - Marvel Contest of Champions

MARVEL Contest of Champions by Kabam

We’d thought we’d share our Labyrinth of Legends experience as a free-to-play player in Marvel Contest of Champions, as these kind of guides really helped us to prepare and learn the strategies required to tackle some difficult fights/paths. What better way than to potentially help others in their journey in the game.

F2P Labyrinth of Legends Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions


We’ve always wanted to fully explore LOL since completing the easy path and our champion featured crystals(back when this was still a thing) and rank up choices have been influenced by this. Mild arena grinder to collect units in preparation for LOL exploration and made sure to resist the temptation to pop open FGMCs. Though LOL exploration is no longer as impressive given the slew of high damage and 5/65 champs, this has been on our MCOC bucket list for some time, especially so being F2P.


Went in our first inner path with a full stash of revives, potions and units and made sure to track every item used on a spreadsheet. This allowed us to gauge an estimate of what we would need for each subsequent path (Averaged at 30-40 revives and roughly 180-200 L3 Potions per path). Grinded ROL for necessary pots and made sure to only spend our units on revives. A 5/65 Medusa made solo-ing the whole ROL (from WS to Hulk) easy and would give us anywhere from 10 to 20 potions, depending on RNG. Tried to rush the monthly event quests to leave myself time to grind out health potions in ROL. Whenever Medusa is off AW duties, she’s in ROL farming health pots.

Also watched a ton of Labyrinth streams on Youtube (Lagacy, BrianGrant, Cade etc) to figure out what strategies work and what mistakes to avoid. Big help.

Team Used

For the easy path, we used the team Angie & her Bitches [4/55 Angela + Mutant Crit Team]. Some of you may (or may not) remember this post from wayyyy back before God Tier champs like Stark Spidey, Blade, Medusa were released.

For the inner paths, we used the team Medusa & her Queensguard [5/65 Medusa + 4/55 Blade + 4/55 Stark Spidey(unduped) + Vulture + Mephisto/GR/Void]

This team setup allowed us to get the extended enrage timer on Medusa, Blade and Stark Spidey, and proved to be more unit efficient in terms of using team revives. Not a fan of running 1 main champ for the entire path (i.e. Star-lord + support team or Medusa + Royal Family) as we preferred diversity and not encounter a scenario where we had to power through unfavourable matchups along the path.

General Strategy

  • Healed up every fight to minimise the opponents’ damage and allowed us an avenue to use our block for more combat openings.
  • Non-parry reliant fightstyle: Made use of intercepts and heavy-baiting to create more combat openings. Tried to save parries for the second enrage timer. One of the best ways to bait heavies imo, is to fight the opponent’s block twice and then hold block: they will either throw their heavy attack or if they attack into you, you can easy just dex back.

Units & Consumables Spent

About 5000 units for all inner paths (Units spent on revives and the occasional 30 unit attack boost). Plus about 150 4hr crystals and a fuck ton of L3 Potions from ROL (~200 every run).

Highlighted Fights & Strategies

  • Dr Strange:  Averaged 5 revives. Stark Spidey made this fight fairly manageable with his high damage and ability to auto evade DS’ L2. Blade with danger sense fared well as you can bleed him down and heal through blocking the DS’ L2. We found most success baiting the L1 and intercepting him to reduce his enigmatic power steal.
  • Venompool:  Averaged 5 revives. Medusa was no good here as Venompool was able to shrug off armor breaks and replicate her furies. Stark Spidey worked well as Venompool somehow couldn’t shrug off the L2 Shocks, used him mainly when we didn’t have the villains synergy with Blade. This was one of the fights which we had to power through as we were getting some bad RNG where there were fights were VP triggered his big regen twice in a fight.
  • Black Widow  Averaged 5 revives. This fucking cunt. One of the most frustrating fights for us as she was evading a ton, almost Spidey-like. Her enigmatic was fairly straightforward, and you have a small window of attack after her L2 if you stay just out of range.
  • Blue Cyclops  Averaged 3 revives. Had 2 options for Cyclops, Medusa with the “30 Bleed Style” a la BrianGrant style or Stark Spidey. Keeping up the 30 Bleeds with Medusa was fairly easy given the multiple openings and aggressive AI. Stark Spidey for us performed the best with his auto-evade and on a good fight, was able to take down 50% of Cyclop’s health. Tip here is to just watch out for your distance management (don’t stay too far from Cyclops) so as to not get clipped when you try and counter after the auto-evade.
  • OG Vision  Averaged 2 revives. Very very simple fight with Medusa and her Armor Shatter. The only danger zone is at the start of the fight. Be sure to save up to almost 2 power bars before launching your L1 for the Armor Shatter. (This stops Vision from completely gaining power both from taking damage or from Synthesis, but does not stop the enigmatic power loss when you dash back.) From there on, just a matter of keeping armor shatter on and intercepting him in the corner. Same strategy for the Ultron fight.
  • Thor  Used 1 revive. Simple fight if you use a champ with a lunge forward and/or multi-hit heavy attack (Medusa, Blade etc). Don’t rely on parries to clear the enigmatic charges, rather, counter his heavy with your heavy.
  • Agent Venom  Used 5 revives. Arguably the toughest fight in Labyrinth, but if you are comfortable fighting Bane nodes in AW, this should be fairly straightforward. Blade is imo the best option for this fight to make it easier. Start of the fight is the danger zone where you need to be aggressive to build up your power bar. Once you reach 3 power bars, the fight is pretty much under control and it is just a matter of chipping him down. The non-parry reliant fightstyle is helpful here to gain your combat openings, namely attacking his block twice and then holding block. More often than not, he’ll throw his heavy or just block (this gives you a chance to regen your health back). Boosting up or turning on suicides for this fight will help increase your DPS a ton.
  • Juggs  Used 4 revives. Anther classic labyrinth tough fight. Blade with Danger Sense is probably the best counter here. Trick here is to watch out for his unstoppable and counter his heavy with yours (similar to the Thor fight). Danger sense is able to cancel out his passive Unstoppable but not the enigmatic Unstoppable. A good practice here is to fight the ROL Juggs and replicate the same fightstyle to get you used to the pattern (and grind health pots at the same time!)
  • OG Spidey  Used 6 revives. Probably the toughest fight for us personally. Used Stark Spidey for this fight with the main strategy to fire off L3s to get the Ensnare to eliminate his evasion. Was initially considering bringing Miles Morales for the extended ensnare and stuns but couldn’t afford the slots in the team. Based on our experience, it seems like the Miles synergy is more of a bonus than a requisite. Tip when fighting OG Spidey is to slow down your taps and limit your attacks to only the first medium dash and first light hit. If he evades, immediate hold block or evade back. If he doesn’t you can continue with light attacks, but do not finish your combos or you’ll leave yourself susceptible to an evade-counter. Once you get the L3 off, you can go ham with your combos and repeat the cycle. Probably could have finished him off quicker if our Spidey was duped. NOTE: Unorthodox option, but tried 4* Void in this fight as well and worked out pretty well. His agility debuff is able to reduce evasion by 30% per stack and was dealing some decent degen damage with Fear of the Void up. Think a higher ranked Void might be able to serve as an alternative to Archangel for this fight (Any content creator with Void willing to give this a shot?).
  • X-23  Used 1 revive. Very easy fight with a 4* Void, despite only having 1/3 Despair. Very comfortable using Void to reverse-heal as we use him almost every AW on the Buffet node. Try to only bait out X23’s L2 as she regens more the more she has in her power bar. Died from reaching the second enrage, though we think having maxed despair would have easily 1-shot her but we’re cheapskate and don’t want to spend units on Despair.

Apologies for the long wall of text, but thank you for reading if you have made it all this way. These strategies described are an amalgamation of what we’ve seen on YouTube and posts made by other Redditors, and have really helped us a ton on this journey.

While not as impressive as people who have explored Labyrinth before the Stark Spidey/Blade/Medusa meta, 100% labyrinth has been a goal of mine since the start and we’re glad we finally managed to check this off. Finally can retire and sail into the sunset without leaving any stone unturned. Hope this guide can help and inspire other F2P players out there!

Thanks and credit to user clawdeeeee for help creating this guide.

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