Desktop Dungeons for iOS and Android


Desktop Dungeons by QCF Design

With its Desktop Dungeons QCF Design has been awarded at the 2011 Independent Games Festival. Now you can explore the randomly generated rogue-like vault also on iOS or Android. What we like on the “perfect game for a coffee break,” says the article below.

Little Pixel Fighters

That Desktop Dungeons is designed more for in-between, you realize immediately despite the story and long-term construction elements . The charming, but low-resolution pixel graphics are really enjoyable on a tablet. Although a full-screen display is also possible, if you play this game on PC.

But no matter, which dimensions you choose, there is plenty of room, completely represent each dungeon – without scrolling or changing screens. Only when climbing stairs between different levels is briefly displayed. Nor is there any party, but only a lonehero, whose appearance you may reschedule every time. At the beginning there are a total of seven classic fantasy races such as humans, dwarves, elves or halflings and different professional classes such as warrior, wizard, priest or thief, which, once activated, can be combined as desired.

Traditional Gameplay

In a rogue-like game like Desktop Dungeons however, there is no permanent character development, so that you start any step by step discovery tour again at level one. Even equipment, potions, spells and power-ups are only temporary and can be recycled in class specific bonuses like attack power, potions or similar . Visibility is also limited, once passed fields remain, however, uncovered. Unusually for a game like Desktop Dungeons is the circumstance, that all opponents remain on their position from beginning to end, even if they are attacked.

Another unusual luxury is the automatic regeneration of life and mana, as long as you explore new areas. For walk around on already uncovered fields there’s no recovery, which forces a constant interchange between combat and discovery. And this is also necessary, if you want to defeat the boss of a dungeon with the few possibilities available in order to return to daylight.


Explore and Fight in Desktop Dungeons for iOS and Android

Short fights and high difficulty

Although the underground raids usually take only a few minutes, but the difficulty is not to be underestimated and lets experienced players die regularly – especially in the tricky puzzle dungeons, often not very large, but only to master with perfect planning and weaknesses utilization. Free self-healing through backward steps or by magic combination achieved experience bonuses must be used optimally. Because of the difficulty can’t be regulated in any way, less frustration resistant player therefore should rather avoid the Desktop Dungeons.

Who is looking for challenges that can also be played every now and again, however, won’t be disappointed. Successes are rewarded not only with gold and trophies, but also a growing Kingdom. You come across all sorts of illustrious figures, built accommodations or training camps, manufactures equipment, merchandises and tries to reach lucrative bonus objectives.


The Kingdom of Desktop Dungeons for iOS and Android


In any case there is much to discover and a lot of long-term construction and collective tasks that go far beyond a short coffee break entertainment. Even the narrative trappings keep you happy with its oddball characters and smug dialogues. In which fantasy kingdom you meet bloodsucking bankers or condescending boss goats as an opponent? The game, however, is available only for tablets on iOS or Android.


Desktop Dungeons for iOS and Android

But one freedom is granted: So you can go, thanks to cloud-save and play Desktop Dungeons not just on your tablet, but also go on raids and further expand your kingdom, on your PC.

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