Dead Effect 2: Free First Person Shooter for Android, iPhone and iPad


Dead Effect 2 by BadFly Interactive, a.s.

Recently, the free first person shooter Dead Effect 2 was released for Android, iPhone and iPad. This convinces with an extensive storyline and good control, which fits perfectly for smartphones and tablets. Especially on tablets Dead Effect 2 makes a lot of fun, because there is sufficient space on the screen available, to see everything.

To be able to play Dead Effect 2, however, a powerful device is required and 1 GB of memory. Nevertheless, there are always problems with the game that lead to crashes or the like. Also for us on the iPad Air, in the middle of a mission the game came to a crash, which is why the entire game progress had been lost. Apart from this: Can Dead Effect 2 convince as a first person shooter?

Dead Effect 2: Extensive first-person shooter for smartphone / tablet


Dead Effect 2 Screenshot © BadFly Interactive, a.s.

If you like first-person shooter, you should take a look at least once at Dead Effect 2 that plays much differently than, say, Dead Trigger 2. So you learn in the first Mission to control the game, know how you move and how opponents are killed. Another big plus is the extensive storyline. Although this is only available in English, but completely contained as audio track. You can also talk to people and so advance the storyline.

In Dead Effect 2 you have to choose from different weapons to compete against different enemies that attack you. During the game you not only have to fight against individual undead, but also against large groups. Some zombies even shoot blood balls at you, that cause damage, if you take hits.

Frequently, there are also only tasks such as “Tap this button” and similar. On the way through the mission, there are also hiding objects and spaces in which objects or money can be collected. At the end of a mission, it is displayed how successful you were and what trophy you get out of many evaluation criteria.

Dead Effect 2 promises over 20 hours of gameplay

Dead Effect 2 is not only convincing with great 3D graphics, but with still with more than 20 hours of gameplay alone in the campaign. In addition there are special missions with additional hours of gameplay. Dead Effect 2 can be downloaded for free, as an extremely extensive game. But of course there is a way to spend money. Who wants to progress faster, needs to access in-app purchases, for the training of his character as well as upgrading of weapons and equipment and this will cost a lot of money.

Game still with some problems

Dead Effect 2 can also not only be played by the touch-screen, but also some gamepads for Android / iOS are supported. However, there are still some problems with the app.

On our iPad the game crashed in a mission, so we had to start the mission all over again. Many Android players reported the problem, that already during the loading at about 9 percent of the game crashes, what happens on Samsung Galaxy devices. There needs to be an update to the game.

Trailer for Dead Effect 2

So you can get a better impression of Dead Effect 2, we have here at hand the official trailer for the game. Here’s the video:


Download the first-person shooter for free

When you hear that a game is downloaded for free, of course, you immediately ask the question of financing. The developers have solved this very well at Dead Effect 2, since you won’t get in contact with this in the first missions. Instead, you have a first-person shooter with a storyline, different tasks and different weapons. Only later in the game you will come in contact with the financing, with which you can proceed much faster.

The control of the first-person shooter is optimally implemented for a smartphone or tablet, the missions themselves we found but less appealing. A Call of Duty brings here much more variety and a higher degree of difficulty, but nevertheless there are the RPG elements that let you enjoy yourself. So the character has to be trained and developed, there are numerous weapons to upgrade and a game that promises over 20 hours of gameplay. Dead Effect 2 is available for free for Android, iPhone and iPad.

App for iPhone, iPad in the iTunes App Store

Dead Effect 2 can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free. Here iPhone, iPad and iPad mini are supported, but only the newer models. Who likes can play Dead Effect 2 with controller, because the app supports many models.


Dead Effect 2 for Android in the Google Play Store

In the Google Play Store Dead Effect 2 comes to excellent 4.3 stars. A powerful device is highly recommended to install the game, alongside with extensive storage, also Android 4.1 or higher is required.

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