Bloons TD Battles Guide

Bloons TD Battles Guide

We will be showing you guys how to improve in Bloons TD Battles. This guide is meant for people who understand the basics and have most towers unlocked, but want to get better. We do go over a few advanced topics so if you have any questions what so ever, do not hesitate to ask and write in the comments.

Bloons TD Battles Guide


From round 8 yellows all the way to Z.O.M.Gs, there are many different types of rushes you want to be doing in Bloons TD Battles.

The essential thing you need to know about rushing is that you should always make your opponent battle energy before you send a rush. This way, it will make it much more effective to take down your opponent if they have just used their battle energy.

Round 8-11 rushes: These rounds are when you have to judge, would you be able to make your opponent boost with what you are about to send? If so, it is always best to send a teaser rush right before a stronger bloon is unlocked to send. For example, if it is round 9, you could send a decent amount of yellow bloons to make your opponent use their battle energy. This way, right when it is round 10, you could send some bloon boosted pink bloons which would definitely make your opponent struggle. The same could be done during round 10-11 with pinks and whites.

Round 13: The most infamous round to rush, and one of the most effective. Regen rainbows/zebras are very deadly against your opponent, but even more so if they just used their battle energy. A very effective strategy is to make your opponents use their battle energy during rounds 11-12 with grouped whites/blacks, then go for a larger bloon boosted rush on round 13. If you are low on money, or you don’t want to spend too much, zebras (regrow or not) are a very effective replacement to the regrow rainbows.

Round 15: One of the less common rushes, but just as effective or even more effective than a round 13 rush. Regrow leads are very deadly because they will multiply insanely quickly when sent against a juggernaut or a lightning monkey apprentice. A very common strategy among experienced players is to send a couple sets of regrow leads followed by some zebras (regrow or not, it depends on preference). This will make the bloons layer, which we will get into later.

Round 18: Sending a moab isn’t one of the best rushes because it isn’t the hardest to defend, but it could be useful to bait someone into using their battle energy before round 20. The only time you would not want to send a moab (in most cases) would be when your opponent is using chipper. They would simply put down two 2,0 chippers which would chip off the ceramic layer once the moab layer is popped.

Round 20-22: These rounds are very deadly if you do not play it out right. If you think your opponent would struggle against a BFB/ZOMG, then go for it, but make sure you have enough money to be able defend a counter-rush.

Infinite ZOMGs: This rush is the most deadly rush, because it is 100% guaranteed that the game will end with this if everything else failed. You need five 4,2 factories to have enough constant income to be able to constantly rush with back to back ZOMGs while still having enough money to defend natural bloons.

Rushing for experienced players

Everything mentioned above still applies except for any round 13 and round 15 rushes. If you are playing someone who knows what they are doing, on a map other than Steps, Cards, Pools, Hydro Dam and Ink Blot, it is 100% useless to rush people during these rounds UNLESS you are in a MKOTH match and are trying to get a few lives. In arena, on normal farm maps excluding Steps, the sole thing rushing round 13 and round 15 is just money drain you. Aggressive competitive players heavily suffer from this when playing against players that can defend well, because as long as they sell and rebuy farms to defend any rushes, it is guaranteed that they will loose more money than you will. Moral of the story, if it’s an average length map, and you are playing someone good, purely focus on getting ridiculous farms and infinite ZOMG rushing first. In almost all scenarios, if you start sending infinite ZOMGs first, your opponent will have to sell farms to defend, get money drained and die.


Bloon economy

This is a different way in Bloons TD Battles to gain money and defend any rushes your opponent sends to you. (This segment is only on how you would eco on Ice flow or Snowy Castle)

Round 1-5: During these rounds, the only tower you will need to defend is one airburst darts sub (never get barbed darts because it is a waste of money)

Rounds 6-10: You need to start to get up your second airbursts dart for round 8 start, then start saving up for your reactor (4,x sub)

Side note: NEVER EVER get a reactor on a sub with airburst darts on it, it’s a waste of money. Also, to be able to afford your reactors its best to sell one of your airburst darts. You want to get around 500-600 eco before you start saving up.

Round 13: To be able to defend an all-out RRR, you will be 1 reactor with 3 chippers around it and one airburst darts.

Round 15: Get up one 2,0 chipper for ceramic bloons.

Round 18: Try to get around 850-950 eco before you start saving up to get 3 airburst darts for a possible moab.

Round 20: Be sure to have some cash saved up for this round incase your opponent rushes. You will need around 4-6k to be able to defend an all-out by sabotage supply line and boosting or by using the buccaneer ability to insta-kill BFB/Moabs.

Round 22: Send blue bloons from r20 to r21 so you can build eco and save up at the same time. If they send a bunch of fast cool down BFB’s or send a Z.O.M.G, sell some of your defense to be able to afford a First Strike Capability (x,4 sub).


The main point of farming is to be able to have extra money to react with at any time. If you use farms, but you never sell them during yours games, there is a problem (cough MasterOv cough).

1: When farming, you must ALWAYS try an upgrade your farm when you have the money to do so. Placing down your farm even one second late will make you loose a slight edge you can gain over an experienced player, and if down at all times, will increase your farm economy drastically. The longer you wait with money for a farm without placing one down, the more money you loose in general.

2: DO NOT get more than one 3,0 farm (which is when you are going for a factory ONLY) unless you are on a map in which you can only fit 4 farms, such as Hydro and Battle River on the left side (cough NK maybe fix map side advantages cough). NEVER EVER get a 0,0 farm and leave it at that, always try to get the 1,0 upgrade as soon as you can. Finally, NEVER EVER get the x,2 farm upgrade, unless you have a factory. The most effective way of farming after update 3.4 is by getting five 2,0 farms, upgrading one to a 3,0 farm, then selling your four remaining 2,0 farms to upgrade your 3,0 farm to a factory after having approximately $4400 saved up.

3: NEVER EVER EVER get a monkey bank (x,3 farm). Some people think that the Monkey Bank is some what viable due to the buffs in update 3.7, but it is still completely terrible. It does give you eco every round, but for how much it costs, it is much more efficient by a long shot to just use left side farm upgrades.

4: Don’t be afraid to sell your farms to be able to afford a Blade Maelstrom/SMFC. It’s better to have a bad farm economy then to be dead. If you see you opponent sell all of there farms and bloon boosts regrow rainbows on round 13, instantly sell all of your farms and super monkey fanclub to defend (you need five 0,2 dart monkeys to be able to defend, and they have to be 2,2 dart monkeys if they rush with camo. Hydro dam and Ink Blot are the only two maps where you need six 2,2 darts to be able to defend an allout RROD with no energy, excluding Indoor Pools because it is nearly impossible to get the farms required by round 13 to afford a fanclub.)

5: Don’t sell all your farms for one rush unless you are 100% sure that they cannot afford/do not have a blade maelstrom or something sneaky up there sleeve and that you are 100% sure that they do not have a chance to survive the rush. In most cases, you want to send rushes with money you get from your farms, not by selling your farms. Also, when doing all-out rushes round 20 and higher, be 100% prepared for your opponent to counter rush with something faster.



Choosing the right towers is the most important part in getting better in Bloons TD Battles. There are currently two dominating strategies in BTD:

-Dart monkey, Farm, X

-Sub, chipper, ninja/dart monkey/buccaneer

You want to use the first tower load out on all maps except Ice Flow and Snowy Castle, in which for these maps, you would take the second set of towers. (This is obviously a generalization, there are different strategies which are just as effective, but for the sake of this guide, we will stick with that.)


This one is quite self-explanatory, you need to be able to micro in Bloons TD Battles. It doesn’t matter if you know every single nook and cranny about the game, if you can’t sell you farms fast enough on round 13 to buy a fanclub, your knowledge is useless. Do the micro challenge with friends, or in practice mode, using the towers Ninja, Ace, Sub, Farm (Only for practice mode) and try to get to the highest round possible with only one tower down at a time (excluding farms in practice mode of course.) Once you can get to the rounds 60+, you will easily be able to micro anything in normal games. World record for the micro challenge:


Defense is absolutely essential in Bloons TD Battles. Sure the all-out rainbow rush works well against most ceramic crucible players, but if your opponent defends the rush, they have practically won the game.

Round 13/15: To defend an all-out regrow rainbow/zebra/lead rush, you will need two juggernauts and 5 triple darts with battle energy to defend it on most maps. Things start getting tricky if your battle energy isn’t available. Currently, there are two main strategies on how to defend a RRR (Regrow Rainbow Rush) without energy. Using the Super Monkey Fan Club ability (x,4 dart monkey) or using the Blade Maelstrom ability (x,4 tack shooter). Blade Maelstrom is by far the cheapest way do defend a RRR, but it has one major flaw, no camo detection. In the off chance that your opponent goes for an all-out camo rush, you would then have to go for a SMFC. This is why using the towers Dart Monkey, Farm and Tack shooter is a common strategy for less experienced players.

Round 18: Defending a moab is tricky because often popping the moab layer isn’t the problem, but the ceramics it contains. You will need around 4 triple dart monkeys to pop the moab layer (depending on the map) and around 6-8 triple dart monkeys to pop the moab layer and the ceramics inside. A decent strategy to deal with moabs is by putting down some 2,0 chippers to suck up the ceramic layer once the moab layer is popped and let the dart monkeys clean up. Another method would be to Blade Maelstrom the ceramics once the moab layer is popped.

Round 20-22: SMFC for slow cool down BFB’s or fast cool down moab’s. As for a ZOMG or fast cool down BFB’s, one of the most effective methods after update 3.4 would be sabotage supply line (x,4 ninja) + SMFC or Ground Zero (x,4 monkey ace) + SMFC

NOTE: Never ever use the Dart Monkey, Farm, Tack Shooter strategy against an experienced player because if they know what they are doing, they will simply all-out rush you on round 22 which is absolutely undefendable.



Using this tactic is absolutely essential, if you want to have a chance in becoming an excellent competitive player. The main idea is to lack a certain defense and force your opponent to send something in order to get up defense so they do not get a massive lead in farms.

Round 10: Never build up your lead popping power on round 10 unless they send you leads. If you do not have any towers with cheap lead popping power, such as chippers, then be sure to save up some money, but do NOT build anything up unless they send. Use the extra money you have to get up in farms. Also, always send one set of leads on round 10 against your opponent to force them to get up lead popping power and not take a massive lead in farms. In almost every single scenario, sending a regrow lead is an absolute waste of money, because 95% of the time will not harm the opponent either way. Regrow or not, you still force them to spend more money and not get a massive farm lead.

Round 12: Considering the most common strategy among competitive players is Dart, Farm, Chipper, almost all the time people will use a 2,0 chipper on round 10 for cheap lead popping power to maintain farms. In this scenario, you want to have a dart monkey upgraded to a catapult and spend all your money on farms while baiting. If they do send you camo leads, then sell your 2,0 chipper for your juggernaut. Also, always send your opponent a camo lead if they do not have any camo lead detection to prevent them from taking a farm lead.


Using this tactic to your advantage is VERY IMPORTANT in Bloons TD Battles and can easily make the difference between winning or losing the game. Layering can be done with many different bloons. The main concept is to send a slower bloon then right after a faster bloon so they layer making it harder to defend.

Round 13: One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get your opponent to use their battle energy is by sending them 3-5 sets of grouped zebras followed by some pink bloons. You can also add one set of spaced regrow leads at the beginning which will make it even harder to defend.

Round 15: By far the most cost-effective rush for how strong it is, the Chauncey Special (especially since people will be using bloon chippers less often). This rush consists of r15 regrow leads followed by regrow zebras. You can also send a ceramic after you send the zebras to add to the layering.

The most insane bloon rush ever: This is by far the strongest possible bloon rush you can do against anyone ever (in our opinion): 5 sets of regrow leads, followed by 5 sets of bloon boosted regrow rainbows, followed by a fast cool down regrow ceramic, followed by grouped pinks. This is obviously very expensive, but even a super monkey fan club with five 2,2 dart monkeys cannot handle it (non-boosted) with the help of a juggernaut.

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This will be all for this Bloons TD Battles guide, if you have any questions or suggestions on edits we could make on this guide, do not hesitate to post a comment!

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