Blades of Brim: New App from the Subway Surfers creators for Android, iPhone and iPad

With Blades of Brim a new app from the Subway Surfers creators has been released for iPhone and iPad. For Android, the game will be released probably later. This game is like Subway Surfers an Endless Runner. Much like Lara Croft Relic Run but you must kill many enemies in Blades of Brim.

Blades also of Brim comes here in a cartoon-like graphics and therefore offers convenient wiping movements that need to be made at the right time. Partly is must also be typed on the screen in order to survive in combat.

Blades of Brim: Endless Runner with combat elements

Who starts  Blades of Brim for the first time, experiences a minutes long tutorial at the beginning, in which the numerous movements are explained. And there are a lot in the app, because it’s not just an Endless Runner, but also includes several combat elements. From the graphical approach a cartoon style has been chosen again.


Blades of Brim by SYBO

Swipe, tap, fight, run

In Blades of Brim at first and foremost your main task is to wipe. So you can change the site on which you run. By wiping down you can kill enemies. The same applies if you wipe left or right to hit the enemy.

But in the App Blades of Brim you still need to carry out further movements. So the first step is to run along a wall with a wipe to the right. The next step is to wipe up and then get back, return to the right again, on the run course. And for all you have limited time, so you have to be fully focused on Blades of Brim.

Complete missions and unlock items in Blades of Brim

Thus the long-term gameplay remains intact, you need to unlock new heroes, missions and use diverse weapons in Blades of Brim. On your way you’ll meet easy opponents next on numerous challenging enemies.
In addition, animals are available for you. So you can for example, ride on a dragon in Blades of Brim and so perform a double jump. With portals you will reach in other magical worlds. With all that Blades of Brim provides plenty of variety. The app is available for iPhone and iPad for Android, the game will follow later.

Trailer Video to Blades of Brim

Below we have the official trailer video for Blades of Brim. Although this does not include gameplay scenes, but we find it very well done. Here the reference to Subway Surfers is also created. Here’s the video:

Download Blades of Brim

If you like action packed Endless Runner, in which the finger never rests, you should download Blades of Brim. The functional scope is huge and brings many new game elements like controls with it.

Funding the game is done via in-app purchases, so it can be downloaded for free. Although the in-app purchases are not necessary, but help to reach further distances in Blades of Brim.

Blades of Brim is for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the iTunes App Store

Blades of Brim can download be download for free in the iTunes App Store. To install at least iOS 5.1 is required. Compatible is this game with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Will Blades of Brim available for Android?

Since Subway Surfers has been released for Android and Sybo certainly want to reach this audience, there will be Blades of Brim for Android, that’s for sure. Once the game for Android has been released, we will it announce here.

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