Best Team – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

So, you’re getting pwned by zombies? Here’s our guide on how to create the best zombie slaying team even if you’re new to the game.
The key to kill zombies quick is Critical Hit, since a critical hit on a zombie equals headshot, otherwise known as insta-kill. Your goal here is to try and get as many headshots as possible, and here’s how.

The Basics for the best Team

1. Use leaders that boost Critical Chance (+CRIT). Your first Glenn is one of them (+8 CRIT), but we have someone better and his name is Mac (2 stars). You will read the reason below.

2. Use weapons that boosts CRIT. There are many, even among the 2-stars you’ll get in abundance. You may think more stars means better weapon, and in most case that’s true. But in the world of zombie slaying, always pick the one with best CRIT no matter what other bonuses they may offer, unless the other bonus is “AP boost on attacking.”

3. The most useful characters against zombies are those who have Headshot Adrenaline Rush (AR). We think you can already guess why it is so. And you can easily get these head shooters early in the game (read below).

4. Another useful characters would be those whose AR boost CRIT, like Eugene, Sophie, etc. But since these are not as easy to come by, our only suggestion is to get them when you can.

5. Use items that boost crits, such as Nitric Oxides or Sharpshooters. These are not easy to come by for new player, so unless your town can already produce them in abundance, use these sparingly.

6. Items like Guts and Bloody Shirts, once applied, will make zombies ignore your characters. Guts cover entire party, but only lasts one turn. Shirts lasts 3 turns but only apply to one characters. Since Guts are also hard to come by for new player, build your strategy around Shirts, which would be easier to get and can be manufactured sooner once you have Workshop level 4.

Build the best head shooting Team

1. You should be having a Level 1 Training Ground that can do Weapons Training by now. If not, go build it. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes of building and researching. Once that is done, train some people with Weapons Training.

2. Your aim is to get as many Macs and Georges as you can, at least 10 for every character you need. Level up a Mac with the other Macs, or a George with the other Georges. Once you spend 9 of them, you should get a Mac/George with his AR level maxed (10/10).

3. Create 5 of these maxed AR Georges/Macs. How many Macs or Georges out of the five should depend on which ones you can equip best, but make sure to have at least one Mac. Why, because Mac’s leader skill is +8 CRIT. You may think Glenn is better because he is +8 CRIT and +10% ATK, but Mac is ranged which means he can reach more target, and you can use sharpshooter to boost both the leader and the rest of the team, instead of one or the other.

4. Now deploy this team with Mac as leader, and watch the headshot galore begins.

5. Zombies on later level would be harder to crit hit, but hopefully by that time you already have better crit leader and/or crit booster.

6. Characters to seek for upgrade: Timothy (3 stars), and Amy (4 stars). Be aware that it might take more time to max their AR levels. They do dish out more normal damages, though.
How effective is the team above? Well, I’ve now reached mission 15 on a new server while still using that team with only one change: We have Sophie as crit booster. Currently working to get a couple of Timothy to 10/10.


The Basic Zombie Strategy

1. If you are going to use a crit booster, use it early on, i.e. at the start of turn 1 of a wave.

2. Try to kill zombies that can approach you faster first, and try to kill zombies that are about to attack so that as few characters will be threatened.

3. Only use Guts if the majority of your team is threatened. Otherwise use Shirts, and only on endangered team member. See zombie threat map below.

4. Try to use Headshot AR as a last resort, which means don’t use them on distant zombies. You probably won’t get another shot for that level.

5. When zombies are next to your characters, use Headshots on the middlemost zombies first, because they threatened more of your characters, and work your way out and to one side. See threat map below.

6. If you have more Headshot AR ready than there are targets, try normal attack first and see if it produces normal headshot. We once had 4 Headshots and 3 targets, ended up using only one instead of three (got two normal headshots and one miss, used a Headshot on the last target).

7. Try to use character traits to your advantage. For example, Sophie is worth loosing one head shooter because she can boost crit with her AR. And she have Tenacity, which means she cannot be one-hit-killed by stronger zombies, so if you are short on Shirts, you can use it on some one else.
Zombie threat map:

2 C
3 C
2 C

Numbers are zombies and show how many characters they can potentially attack, C are your characters. Zombies always attack characters directly in front of them first, and someone on the next line second. Adjust your kill priority accordingly.

Do you got any other tricks? How to you build your best team for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival? Or do you have any critics or suggestions? Comment below and we will put it in future updates.

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  1. Some characters got good synergy . Tyres has a nice hp and attack buff. Sidiqq and Alex nice buff but only melee. Kelly, sherry sandy for ranged. There is a 4 star crit buff char, Kelly gives 36 crit for all alert. Or sandy 20 process attack, they are mostly ranged so goes much faster. Versus human, healers are great, Dr Stevens is good, gives hp and Def I think, on higher rush and ap booster weapon keeps the team alive. Most people use green characters so speedy ones are bad but alert can be good. Depending on levels use 3 of alert 2 of tough, blue is more rare, yellow is common

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