Best Monsters – Summoners War

This is our recommended list of the best monsters in Summoners War. Some of them are good for the Arena and some of them are very strong for PvE and some are really good for both. These are the monsters you should invest in, that means: you promote them with stars.
Please keep in mind, that from patch to patch monsters in this list could be changed and they will be not so strong as they are now. The other way around, it could be that now bad monsters will be get stronger and could be added to this list as the best monsters.

Best Monsters in Summoners War

Below you find our recommended 142 best six star monsters of all types and how to use them(Note: It’s only our own opinion so others might differ).

Dark Monsters

1 – Guillaume: Our old old very old AO monster. We even fed him devilmon. R.I.P. We might start using him again after the recent buff. He can actually hits very very hard!
2 – Veromos: Do we need to say much about him? Basically we used him almost everywhere!
3 – Dias: Our old dark tank before we found out that Jubelle is better. But recently found new life in the raid.
4 – Jubelle: Our dark tank. Very good tank because of his passive and he can provide the def break as well
5 – Mara: We built her just so we can kill those reviver teams, but she is kinda hard to use as she needs protection.
6 – Gorgo: Our far and few tanky dps. Has niche uses in Toah as well.
7 – Shumar: Very hard to use with all the bella and darions running around. But when there isn’t, he is our speed dark dps who can hit quite hard.
8 – Cassie: Well, she can’t be summon anywhere else, so we just six her for the dark reward previously.
9 – Jultan: Our dark tank and def breaker. His leader skill is very useful aswell in GW. A very good monster who we use in both GO and GD.
10 – Lanett: We intended to six her and replace her with Lapis in Necro. But after we  six her, we pulled a Zibrolta. So she didn’t see much necro action. Currently built her as tank for use in Raid 5. She is actually tanky enough, provides some debuffs and also a somewhat useable speed lead.
11 – Havana: Our…well… troll project but to be frank, he can be used in Necro B10!
12 – Basalt: We tried so hard to get to Guardian just to lay our hands on him. All thanks to our guildies as well. He is so useful in Toa Hard and GW. We summon another one recently. Might built one more as a DD once we get him skilled up!
13 – Varus: A stun machine. Use in GO and also in Toah as CC. We have a guildmate who swear by him.
14 – Lydia: Our first dark nat 5… And her only use at the moment is… as a trophy rep…
15 – Jamie: Used in Kat comp to draw aggro from the bella so that she won’t seize our Kat. Provides a useful crtr lead and attack buff.
16 – Hellea New: Currently using her in Necro, she hits very hard, provides multwe hit, def break, and branding! She is so useful!


Fire Monsters

1 – Sieq: Mine was still the first sieq that we get as a noob. We used him as a buffer in our double Kat AO. He also hit hard, very hard.
2 – Verdehile (x2): We have two verde. Used to use double verde for all the dungeons before they get nerf. One is on despair currently where we use him in dungeon and TOA, the other one is on rage that we use in speed dragon runs.
3 – Jean: Our old fire attacker. He hit very hard but needs more set up compare to kahli. We tend to use Kahlwe more in GW than him. We’re trying to feed him pt to max his skill, then give him violent rune, he should be a stunning machine gun that hit hard. Wip.
4 – Raoq: We use him to fast farm faimon normal during event like x2 mana or powerstones, etc or when we run out of folders. He is a very fast and easy to get farmer. We also used him as def breaker in Necro.
5 – Baretta: TOA hard mode God. Enough said.
6 – Spectra: We use him once a while in Toa hard mode when we needed the slow debuff and atb reduce. And he can hit hard as well. We also used him currently in dragon B10. He is especially useful in Toah boss stages. Overall, a pretty useful units.
7 – Chloe (x3): We have three. One at high speed for our AO/AD/GO, one at middle speed for our aqulia AO and GO and one at slow speed to bring against buff removal comp.
8 – Atenai: Our old fire tank with heal. Does her job well enough when we need her in GW. Other than that, we mostly have better options at the moment. But we need to find some use for her as her transmog looks very cool!
9 – Jojo: Our bomb squad, mostly use in GW together with Malaka and Megan.
10 – Arnold: Our fire tank especially going against Camilla. He used to be very good in AD but now less useful. We still use him once in a while in GO to tank damage before hitting back.
11 – Kahli: Our go-to fire nuker when we know we can protect her. Some people use her as buffer but we still find her better as a nuker.
12 – Hwa (x3): We have three Hwa now, one is built for raid role, one is built slow for necro. And one more is built defensive role with 100 acc for use in Toa Hard. They used to be in our old dragon team too. She is a very versatile and useful mob that everybody wants.
13 – Draco: Normally pair him up with Ramagos in GW for the immunity buff to safe guard him. Chloe, Draco and Rama have been instrumental for our GW battle against fire/wind comps.
14 – Kai’en: Our fire tank. He can even tank Camilla because of he can self buff def. He is our goto fire tank nowadays.
15 – Surtr: We built him with despair and we normally only use him in SD for his AOE.
16 – Jun: Same role as Surtr, mainly for SD uses at the moment for his aoe. He is also used in one of our AO Combo.
17 – Randy: We normally pair him up with Copper in GO. People who watch ydcb will know what we mean. Chloe, randy and copper is a very good GO comp.
18 – Shihwa: We use her previously in Necro, but bench after that.
19 – Trevor: When Kahlwe can’t be protected (ie, there’s a beast monk, vero etc) we will use Trevor. He can take some hits while at the same time hit very hard.
20 – Tesarion: Spend months trying to summon him. Very good against monster with passive. Mine is built tanky. Feel like trying for a second one but… Never mind…
21 – Rica: Our Toa hard mode cc team. Her 2nd skill actually has very high stun rate. And she has the important slow debuff. Plus she is in our AO combo as well now. And she was buff to be able to dots recently!
22 – Colleen: Our  Necro B10 member and raid 5 team. Able to heal and provide lots of debuffs and buffs. Overall, she is a very good two star monster.
23 – Platy: We tend to use briand over her more, but…. But… she is a mermaid…. And we want a mermaid on our island.
24 – Zibrolta: Our old Necro B10 member. In charge of breaking the shield and at the same time provide Dots. He is a very useful Necro monster who hits pretty hard while multwe hitting.
25 – Duamutef: Plan to use him on AD as he is a fire monster with def buff and crit reduction. But we feel he needs skill up to be more reliable. Not using him at the moment tho.
26 – Lisa: She looks cool! And she has the team up skill! We like her a lot, but she really needs skill up to shine. We’rem using her in R5 as sole cleanser currently.
27 – Bulldozer: We built him with 100 critr for use in GO. He is one of our go to comps in GW.
28 – Rakan: Still work in progress as he still needs skill ups. Currently only use him in AD to hopefully deter away double lushen comps. Still trying him as full hp or hybrid or speed built. Really hope he is able to get better buff….
29 – Juno: Our AD/GD stripper. Can’t really find any uses for her other than that. Every time we see her, we wish she is a Praha instead… But overall, she is still pretty useful.
30 – Adrian New: Currently using him in our Necro team. Multi-hit, critr buff, speed buff, basically very useful in Necro.


Light Monsters

1 – Teon: Mine is still the first mob they gave. He has very niche use in toa hard especially with the previous buff. And we like his resurge skill.
2 – Darion: The holy trinity, don’t think we need to talk about this three.
3 – Belladeon (x2): holy trinity, don’t think we need to talk about this three.
4 – Ahman: holy trinity, don’t think we need to talk about this three.
5 – Fran: Well, we six her mainly because she can’t be summon anywhere else.
6 – Pang: Our old old Necro team. Her passive is OP. We also use her sometimes in raid 5.
7 – Shren: Although everyone says after her nerf, she not good anymore, but we still use her frequently in GW. Just need to pair her up with two tanks and you can kill while healing your tank.
8 – Dona: We six star her because she is CUTE! Plus she is our reward for our first time in G1 in arena. We tried her in Raid5 but didn’t seem to do very well. If her AWE is buff, she may be of some use in R5.
9 – Marble: We mainly use him in water boss at the moment. Other than he hit hard against high hp monster, we can’t seem to find any other use for him.
10 – Glinodon: Didn’t really use him much as he doesn’t offer anything much too. Wanted to use him in Toa hard, but he has too many contenders.
11 – Neal: Used in Toa hard mode. There are some stages where you need her to shield herself or someone else. She had a very niche use but very useful when you needed her.
12 – Groggo: Our light attacker and tank as well. We normally use him in GW as well as Toa.
13 – Dover: Our Toa hard mode cc team. Can be use in bomb squad as atk/atk/atk but mine is built more for toa with spd/atk/acc.
14 – Varis: Our…well… troll project and to be frank, he can be used in Necro B10.
15 – Eshir: We finally summon him after a very long time. He is our light bruiser and is able to kill Theomars while removing his endure buff.
16 – Conrad: We built him because we have extra food plus we can have a full team of DKs. We built him high speed with 100 critr for use in GO. Currently pair with Bernad, Galleon, we can one shot something non tanky at first turn. Wip for our Gin as speed lead, Kabilla atb boost and then Conrad as DD for use in GW.
17 – Kabilla: Currently trying to find better speed rune for her. A very fast atb booster. Wip for our Gin as speed lead, Kabilla atb boost and then Conrad as DD for use in GW.
18 – Gin: Due to extra ninja food, we built him as side project. Wip for our Gin as speed lead, Kabilla atb boost and then Conrad as DD for use in GW.


Water Monters

1 – Konamiya: A very good monster with cleanse and heal and re-surge. We use him frequently in GW and now in Raid as well. We typically pair him with Sig/Camilla and Rama going against those Perna or fire team. You can see the comps in our youtube channel on GW.
2 – Megan: One of our old Dragon Team members. One of our Guild mate used her to great effect in his speed AO, but sadly, we can never reach his kind of speed tho. She is still a great monster with atb/def buff and the toad poison helps removing the dragon immunity when bella fails. Her toad poison can also be used against Theomars.
3 – Liesel: Our MVP. Our farmer and we love him! (Regardless of how shit others may say about him)
Not recommended for most people if you have better farmers. The rune requirements are on the high side. We use him mainly because when we first started out, he is the only useable water farmer that we had and we stick to him ever since and we like his design!
4 – Sigmarus: One of our old Dragon Team members and HOH default safe team. We also used him in Giant, GW, HOH, TOA, etc. He is to us such a great monster that we use him almost everywhere even when we had 2 Theomars.
5 – Julie: We’rem using her in one of our old AO combo. We like her new buff so far and she is one of the few water AOE mob. Still need to get better runes set for her tho. 6 – Vigor: Our old GW water tank who can deal damage and small heals and speed buff. We have seen post where people are using him in TOA 100 boss stage.
7 – Kaz: Our old water speed dps. Although we find him looks very cool but sad to say, he was being replaced by Theomars… We wanted to build him up again for our speed dragon team but still lacking those runes.
8 – Mikene: Used to be our TOA hard mode cc crew. Her 1st skill at 100 CR and 100 acc, it’s almost a guaranteed freeze on one monster that was missed out by the aoe stun. She is a life saver for us as she can freeze that monster that MUST NOT move at all cost. But she was being replaced by Varus who doesn’t have elemental disadvantage and does the same job. Need to think of a way to use her again because her transmog looks so god damn cool!
9 – Malaka: Our bomb team with aoe def breaks. We used him when we bomb those defences in GW. His aoe def break is also very useful.
10 – Talc: Our TOA hard mode team member who provide provoke and def buff and heal. He is especially important in some stages like Arkoma and OGs. We also used him in GWs as a water tank and also pairing with copper and Delphoi.
11 – Soha: We only use her against fire teams in GW whereby we need to cleanse off the Chloe shield. She is a good faimon farmer for those who needs one.
12 – Theomars (x2): We pulled two of them so…. Well… We just build two of them. Don’t think we need to say much about him.
13 – Anavel: A very versatile monster, too versatile actually. Her rune requirement is a bit too hard for me. We had her rune with atk/atk/hp and we used her in Toa normal auto team and HOH. And she is our guildmate mimidodo’s best monster! But sadly, she quitted the game.
14 – Hemos: We build him since we do not have a Thrain for Toa hard. But sad to say, he didn’t see much action yet.
15 – Tyron: Our  Toa hard mode cc team. High speed, two aoe with despair, freezes, multwe procs on skill 1, etc. we also use him as speed lead sometimes in arena. He can also be use as a Faimon farmer for those who needs one.
16 – Lumirecia: Our water tank against Theomars in GW so that we can tank and hopefully reset him. She was recently buff so she is slightly more useful.
17 – Luer: Our old GO member. We still use him once in a while for his aoe def break and atb reduce. But sadly, Galleon is taking over him at the moment.
18 – Lapis: We used her initially in Necro but was replaced at the moment. Although she can help break the shield but her damage is on the low side.
19 – Emma: We like her design and we want to use her heal. But she was nerf and now her cooldown is now is a bit too long to justify her use over Bella without investing too much.
20 – Camilla: She was nerf quite badly when we finally got her. And with Tesarion running around everywhere, we feel she became less powerful compare to before. Anyway, she is in our AD/GD and we use her in GO as well. We also use her in my raid team as she is tanky enough, provide a slow debuff and a damage according to enemy hp skill. Overall a very good nat 5 that we have we must say.
21 – Galleon (x2): A pirate HOH ensures he has his skill all maxed out. We use him in giant, GW and our arena combo. We had one on swift that we use in my AO combo and another on violent that we use in PVE. A very op support that everybody wanted.
22 – Avaris: Not really useful at the moment. We six him the day we got him hoping he can help us kill those reviver and perna teams. But sad to say, his damage output is… And he is one of the first we threw into storage…
23 – Verad: He is basically our 100th six and he is in our Toa hard mode cc team. He had helped us clear Toa Hard mode. He is a very good CCer. We also use him as a frontliner since he is tanky enough and also for his HP Lead Skill in Raid 5.
24 – Qykfegjdkebnvj: Did we even spell his name correctly? We’re using him with bernard and katapoop in GO.
25 – Purian: One of our atb buffer. Not much action as of yet as he still needs more speed.
26 – Rina: Our stalling AD member during rush hour. As we don’t really have a good AD, we’re using her to hopefully deter away those pesky speed comps. She can also be used as a water tank in GW too.
27 – Susano: We build him mainly because we were flooded with ninja foods and also as a full skilled water mob to help us in the world boss. He is also another Faimon farmer if you need one.
28 – Fedora: After the recent update, he has the leader skill which is useful in raid. We use him as a front liner in Raid 5. He provides lead skill, debuffs, and cleanses which is pretty useful.
29 – Taor: One of the better Nat 5 that we have. Hahaha. We use him in AO, GO, and our speed Dragon team. Only manage to full skilled him recently only. He is a very powerful water attacker with skill that scales with speed.
30 – Orion: IMHO, one of the most rng def mob to use in AD and GD. We really hate going against him as it’s hard to predict what he will do. Mine still needs more speed tho.
31 – Aegir New: We’re currently using him in our speed Dragon team. In case the immunity buff comes on too early, he provides a second chance of stealing it. We know a Chilling is much better while providing speed buffs, but we don’t have a Chilling, so stop asking us that!
32 – Tarq New: We’re currently using him in our speed Dragon team. Group hunt is useful to reduce cooldown while he can provide additional dmg. He also helps in def break if he does it together with Galleon.
33 – Tractor New: We build him just for using him against those Zaiross comps in GW. Pretty useful we must say although niche for most people.
34 – Gildong New: Build him after his buff to be pair with Spectra in TOA hard. Hope he can help us out on the next rotation.
35 – Shwe Hou New: To be frank, when we get him, we were a bit sad… It seems like most (we didn’t say ALL) of our nat 5s doesn’t belongs to those SSS rank level. He was buff after we got him. We might build him up… when we figure out where we can use him in…


Wind Monsters

1 – Shannon: Our old giant team member and she is still used in Toa hard mode. As a two star, she is very useful and has carried us during our early days.
2 – Ramagos: Our wind tank typically used in GO. Chloe, Draco, Rama or Sig, kona and Rama has been one of our core teams even in high level GW.
3 – Bernard (x2): Useful almost everywhere. We had one with 100 acc which we used in Toa hard or PVE when verde is not effective. And we built a second one with high speed for use in AO combo.
4 – Acasis: Our old giant team member. Very seldom use her anymore but she has carried us during our early days.
5 – Copper: Our wind nuker and tank. We got him very early in the game but didn’t really shine until he gets some good runes. Normally pair him with Talc/Delphoi/Randy in GO.
6 – Delphoi: Our cleanser and we normally pair him with Copper as well for her leader skill. We also use her to reset Theo if there’s no immunity around.
7 – Orochi: Our old giant team member. We also use him in water/wind/magic hall for the dots.
8 – Ethna (x2): Our first nat 5. She used to be our AO in Chloe sieq Kat and Ethna. But we find double kat is better so we change her role to Toa. 2 turn aoe def break is nice. We had one more who… sigh… we pulled again…
9 – Katarina (x2): We fuse one and sad to say… we summon another. Both are our AO for months already. We know a lot of people say she is poop, but they are doing fine for us especially in GO.
10 – Woochi: Our Toa hard mode cc team especially after the reduce his cd on his skill. But he has a strong contender in Verad. So depending on elements, we decide who we use.
11 – Julien: We used him in sd for his aoe and also in our AO combo.
12 – Aqulia: We make him move twice before our nuker. A very useful stripper and a buffer.
13 – Briand: A very good monster. We used him almost everywhere in toa, hoh and gw. Mine is on despair and we like him very much. He is one of our core monsters in PVE.
14 – Chasun: The best healer in SW at the moment we feel. She can tank, buff and heal. She is in our GO almost every time.
15 – Akhamamir: Our Toa hard mode cc team. His 2nd skill can stun a lot and he has two aoe. We like him a lot even tho many others might say otherwise. We use him in hoh as well.
16 – Barque: We currently used him in Giant to reduce the boss atb instead of Hwa while dishing out damage and def breaking. Works pretty good.
17 – Lushen (X2): We waited one year plus for him to appear. AND we finally summon another one two days ago! We can finally try the double Lushen comps!
18 – Tanya: Our wind nuker who we pair with Luer or galleon. Waiting for her hoh for her skill ups as well.
19 – Kaito: Our speed wind nuker in GO. And we like his reset skill. But he is seeing less action these days.
20 – Teshar: Our wind farmer and giant farmer. Although we prefer the fire one but oh well.
21 – Pungbaek: Our AO combo main nuker. Hits hard, very very hard with his S3.
22 – Mav: Very good in TOA hard. Those cd reduction and speed buff = OMG.
23 – Shimitae: Our AO combo that we use when we needed speed lead.
24- Michelle: We built her for use in TOA hard mode to extend those buffs on neal, etc. She also has niche uses when pair with chloe and Khalwe in GO as well.
25 – Ermeda: Our super wind tank if ever our Ramagos dies on me. And she became better with the recent buffs! Yeah!
26 – Fuco: We built him as we have quite a few Lich foods….. Currently using him in Necro as the main DD together with Hwa. He actually hits pretty hard and tanky enough. We will have him full skilled after this Rigel HOH! Yeah!
27 – Rakaja: We built him because he is the only smart healer we have that have low heal cd and provide slow debuff. We use him in R5 as the healer and he does the job just fine. Until the day we summon a Praha or Ariel, he should be a pretty good replacement at the moment. Only downside, people likes to kick us when we go public raid tho, not sure what those people are thinking… Oh well…
28 – Triton: Summon him on cny when we decide to buy a pp just for the occasion. Currently using him on our weekday AD together with Theo/Bernard/Galleon. Needs those devilmons to skill him up….. and there’s a long queue for devilmons…
29 – Eladriel: Our latest addition. Was actually doing Summon stone but 0 lighting in 700 stones or something makes us sad and feel like quitting…. So we decided to do a crystal summon for some hope…. And bang, he came out. Certainly brighten our day. Anyway, currently trying to feed him devilmon before we will put him to good use.
30 – Imesety New: We built him fast and use him together with Copper and bulldozer in GO/AO. Still needs some tuning.
31 Olivia New: While Emma and Lisa gets most of the spotlight, she is very under rated imho. 3 turn def buff with 3 cd while reduce atb, cleanse and resurge, glancing debuffs and a def lead skill, she provides so much, we wonder why nobody talks about her. We’re using her together with Chloe and Bulldozer in GO.


Thanks to user ‘ahh_boi’ for help creating this Summoners War guide on the best Monsters.

More good Monsters for Summoners War

If you know more good Monsters in Summoners War that should be added to the list as the best ones, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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