Best Mastery Guide 2017 – Marvel’s Contest of Champions

Best Mastery Guide 2017 - Marvel's Contest of Champions

Marvel’s Contest of Champions by Kabam

Today we present to you the best Mastery Guide in 2017 for Marvel’s Contest of Champions. Like most new players, we found that guides and information to be scattered and to be difficult to completely understand at our level. We’ve summarized what we’ve found for your convenience with the goal in mind of min / max’ing game for the end-game in 2017. We think this will help new players and alliance leaders understand the end-game expectations to succeed. We got different types of  mastery setups for you, so you can choose which one is the best for your play style in Marvel’s Contest of Champions.

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New Mastery Setups for 2018!

Best Mastery Guide 2017 for Marvel’s Contest of Champions

Beginner Build – The Basics

Intermediate Build

A setup for advanced players which still provides universal compatibility.

Veteran Build v1

Foundation for most of the PI Gain Builds (Defense and Utility may be set up differently!)

Veteran Build v2

Focus on regeneration and additional healing for builds with Recovery 3/3 + Willpower 3/3

AQ+PI Build 3.0

Alliance Quest/Wars, Arena, all types of Quests; universal compatibility + maximized PI increase

Max Attack Build

Maximized Attack w/o “Suicide Masteries”; Recovery + Willpower to counter 7.2% Max Health loss

Bosskiller + PI v1 “Universal Soldier”

Bosskiller + PI v2

Bosskiller + PI v3

Bosskiller + PI v4

Bosskiller + PI v5

Bosskiller + PI v6 “Heavy Artillery”

Professor Skill

Build 01/07/2017

PI Increase – Offense

PI Increase – Defense

PI Increase – Utility

Thanks to user Professor_Skill for help to creating this Masteries Guide.

New Mastery Setups for 2018!

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More Tips for Masteries in Marvel’s Contest Champions

If you find this helpful and would like to say thanks do it in the comments. If you have any more ideas for this 2017 mastery guide for Marvel’s Contest of Champions, let us also know this in the comments and we will this add this.

5 Comments on "Best Mastery Guide 2017 – Marvel’s Contest of Champions"

  1. You don’t have resonate on any builds…why?

  2. What would I exactly use heavy artillery for? Is it good for area runs fights?

  3. Teslim odumuyiwa | June 18, 2017 at 8:41 am | Reply

    Nahhhhh only good for pi and legend run

  4. PorkChopExpress | September 25, 2017 at 4:47 pm | Reply

    I have a build that is 46.32%

  5. Why would you be recommending 5/5 Pure Skill for any build when Kabam has acknowledged anything above 3/5 has been useless since 12.0 update?

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