Best Mastery 2017 – Marvel Contest of Champions

Best Mastery 2017 - Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel’s Contest of Champions by Kabam

In this guide for Marvel’s Contest of Champions we present you all the important Masteries in the game. This Masteries are one of the best ones in 2017, so you can decide which are the best for your characters. Masteries are very important in the game and we want to help you, to get to know them, so you can choose the best ones.

The best Mastery 2017 – Marvel Contest of Champions


We see this as a gateway mastery to reach others. We used to not think maxing it is really worth it. You need 7+ debuffs to shut down regeneration with it maxed and most champs won’t do that when you need them to do that. It’s not an arena mastery, because fights are over too quickly, and in AW, debuffs can still be dangerous for mini-bosses because they have sooo much health and watered willpower can still be useful there.

However ever since we R4 our Iron Fist we began to run max Despair for 2 reasons. #1 he adds tons of armor breaks and he can obliterate regens of characters like Iron Man, etc, and really doesn’t make willpower that much of an issue since all the armor breaks are the same category. #2 Max Despair can be a pain for your defenders against the enemy, especially those who run suicides because they are grinding. It’s like getting an extra bleed/poison on them because their health will errode.


This mastery in Contest of Champions is junk to us. It only triggers on characters that naturally evade, so it’s limited to Spider Man, Symbiote Spider Man, Miles Morales, Spider Gwen, Ultron, Black Widow, Classic Daredevil and Netflix Daredevil. 7 of 60+ champs. Also it doesn’t trigger every time – At the maximum level it’s only 55%. This one to us is a bust. The ONLY kind of pain in the ass use of this we could see is in AW defense for ranged guys on unblockable l1. Thing is daredevil triggers a lot of evades on certain beams – 3+. We’ve seen this happen in arena, so we know it can happen in AW. Imagine having cyclops or yellojacket on unblockable l1 and people rushing in with daredevil. All of his evades are bound to stack tons of critical bonuses, and once he gets hit…. Lights out! LOL. But anyway, still a waste of points, unless you really want that shock value. Wedo encourage someone to try it out and let us know how it goes.

Deep Wounds

We really like Deep wounds in Contest of Champions. At 5/5 it extends all your bleeds by 2.5 more seconds which is really nice! That means 5 more tics of damage for any connected bleed which can be huge. Additionally it lobs off a small amount of health (1%) per bleed applied if your active health is greater than the opponent’s active health . That’s not major but it’s great to effectively finish off opponents faster. Say you’re fighting a 20K health opponent with your rank 5 wolverine and your at 14K health because you keep regenerating. Once your opponent is under your health every bleed instance wolverine applies does another 200 (1%) instant damage. It can really start adding up. The lengthening of the bleed is more important and it can even help people like Ultron get cauterizes more often.

However, be warned that in AW against nodes that have 400% or more health (like Minibosses), we would not recommend using a bleeder mastery in Contest of Champions. We’ve seen even Cap WW2 shield slightly heal a miniboss… Crazy!


One of our favorite masteries in Contest of Champions. This is a must for any boss killer. This is an AW and AQ significant game changer and likely to be extremely useful for ROL2…Basically when your opponent has 18% or less health remaining you get anywhere from 20%-60% attack, and the chance at reducing defense abilities up to 20%. So if you are fighting a boss with 200K health, the last 36,000 HP your guys become super assassins pounding for major damage. The reduction in defensive ability can stop things like Arc Overload from ever happening. This turns all of your champs into Elektras for the finish. This ability is even nice in Arena to finish fights in one less hit often speeding up the process. Often the extra strength makes blocked hits sting.


The Willpower Mastery to us now serves 2 basic uses in Contest of Champions. 1) If you are serious about AW, and you are the guy that places defenders on “Miniboss nodes”: Tile 49 (+700% health), Tile 52 (+700% health), Tile 53 (+700% health) or Boss Node Tile 55 (+1000% health) AND you’re not placing a robot (e.g. Ultron, Vision, etc) on that tile, you SHOULD have willpower. The magnification of all that extra health, makes even simple parries heal hundreds of points of damage. It makes those bosses that much more of a pain to take down. 2) If you are running suicides you absolutely should have willpower maxed… Other than these 2 uses, we feel like it’s a waste of 15 prerequisite points in defense.

Liquid Courage

Liquid Courage alone with Willpower and Salve and Recovery can not even as the best masteries in Contest of Champions. If you are doing a single suicide build we prefer a DE only suicide build vs an LC only suicide build. However, we think that there are some really potentially nice uses of LC only builds because there are more poison immune champs and there’s an added benefit of not needing to actually run Coagulate. Plus less enemies poison so the constant poison will give all your poisoned champs 4% damage reduction due to Willpower’s armor bonus.

Double Edge

Double edge’s bleed time was shortened to a range of 8 to 16 seconds so it packs a bit more of a punch (to you) if you are not offsetting it with coagulate and willpower. It’s still strong, and since it doesn’t go into perpetuity it’s nice to control. We’ll hint that suicides can be used alongside Courage and recoil to run quests very fast with beefed up champs. That’s all we’re saying… for now.


Inequity is now capped at 36% damage reduction, meaning any more than 6 buffs doesn’t do any further damage reduction. We believe this change was purely to prevent the abuse of Fissure nodes in AW. Very rarely are more than 6 debuffs on anyone for very long. We still feel like this mastery is solid with Wolverine Deep Wounds, Scarlet Witch for some added protection, and to actually give Iron Fist some real armor.


We will still tell you to stay FAR away from resonate.

What do you think of the Masteries in Marvel’s Contest of Champions and what are your thoughts about them? Please leave a comment below. For more guides about Contest of Champions, check our Guide-Section.

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