Best Fleet Team 2018 – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Best Fleet Team 2018 - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes by Electronic Arts

This is our Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Fleet Guide for 2018 that attempts to cover every aspect of a fleet. We’re sure we’re still missing some stuff, so please feel free to comment below and we will look into expanding the guide. Some of the guide is simply collating data, but most of it seeks to cover all the fundamentals of fleets: the best fleet team overall, a brief look at which fleet commander you should be using, ship synergies, threat assessment (who to shoot at first), and more.
If we’ve missed something or have something wrong, just let us know and we will update the guide.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – The Best Fleet Team

The following is a 5-minute video explaining the below f2p-friendly strategy beat lineups up to 50k higher than your’s, to get a high rank for the crystals.

Below is a more in-depth text analysis.


In the past month, we decided to focus on our fleet arena team in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes — which we did not work on after 3 starring the zeta challenge. Within a month, we were able to get top 5 payouts consistently–that’s 300 crystals/day. Two big things:

1) fleet arena is far less active than squad arena (like for many others), so it is far easier to get the crystals.

2) When choosing which characters to gear, we look at this list:

The lineup described below are among the easiest characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes to gear. Full disclosure, our fleet arena is easier than most (only recently did most of the top 10 reach G12 across their pilots). Regardless, since we only found the right lineup and gameplay strategy by word of mouth on Discord rather than a guide, we wanted to share the strategy so that other players could take advantage of fleet arena crystals.

Lineup for the best fleet team

The meta lineup is as follows (along with Chimaera or Tarkin as capital ship, with Chimaera obviously being better):

1) Biggs Darklighter’s X-Wing: The auto taunt and protection recovery on target lock make this by far the best tank.

2) Tie Advanced x1: High damage dealer, irresistible target lock (which your lineup can take advantage of) on basic, target locks re-apply on expiration, Empire allies gain 10% TM when attacking target locked ships, special that provides evasion down, ability block, and dispelling as a bonus. Bistan’s U-wing is sometimes mentioned as an alternative because it grants 19% TM to allies on their finishing blows, 30% TM+advantage when target locks are landed, and irresistible target lock. However, as a f2p, I’m wary of gearing pilots that are useless in other game modes.

3) First Order Tie Fighter: This ship is is the main damage dealer in this best fleet team for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: Because you gain TM every time you attack a target locked enemy, it is yoru fastest ship. In addition, the basic which can hit twice can inflict Target lock twice, and both the specials and basic deal massive damage.

4) Imperial Tie Fighter: In addition to dishing out decent damage, this ship is primarily useful for granting your capital ship turn meter (30% per dodge to empire capital ships). Maxed out, the ITF can have around a 50% dodge chance. This lets you get to Tarkin’s “I win” ultimate much faster, or access Thrawn’s OP abilities faster, along with call in reinforcements faster. There is also a 70% chance to inflict target lock on basic.

5) Tie Reaper: The ability to remove 35% Turn Meter from the enemy capital ship lets you to get to the game-defining capital ship abilities far faster than the opponent, which lets you win. For Tarkin, this is the “I win” ultimate; for the Chimaera, it’s his specials. Buff dispelling and providing protection are icing on the cake.

In some earlier shards, prior to the unlock of Tie Reaper, you could look into Tie Silencer (which is what we used, overall strong ship with stunning on basic) as a temporary replacement, or other strong ships like Sun Fac’s Geonosian Starfighter (extra survivabilty to your other ships), Umbaran Starfighter (basic removes buffs from target locked enemies and irresistible target lock on special which also deals good damage to all enemies), Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi Starfighter (you can provide evasion up to your Imperial Tie Fighter for even more evasion chance->faster path to Tarkin ultimate), Slave 1 (for an overall strong kit), Wedge Antilles’ X-Wing. Phantom II is also viable because it’s special has target lock, but probably the weakest among the options on defense. Keep in mind that this investment is likely to go to waste once you replace it with Tie Reaper.


1) Scimitar: The beauty of the scimitar for the best fleet team in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is you don’t even need to max out the pilot. It’s there to be the first reinforcement and pseudo-taunt a ship and provide it the counter ability. It doesn’t deal enough damage or have enough speed to be useful otherwise. This is especially useful when it pseudo-taunts your Imperial Tie Fighter, allowing it to dodge and grant your capital ship TM much faster. The pseudo-taunt also keeps your other ships alive. Some like other reinforcements which we cover below, but as a f2p, we prefer the pilot we don’t have to gear up heavily.

2) It is unlikely that the 2nd reinforcement will matter much because the game is likely decided before the 2nd reinforcement gets called. But Poe Dameron’s X-Wing can be good for countering the Imperial Tie Fighter. Do note that on defense, the AI targets the ITF by virtue of hitting ships without protection, but doesn’t dish out enough damage to one-shot the Imperial Tie Fighter due to not using the buffing special first. Personally, we use the Tie Silencer just because it is a decent ship. Sun Fac’s Geonosian Starfighter as a tank instead of Scimitar can also work (but it is probably better to pseudo-taunt your Imperial Tie Fighter), and Umbaran Starfighter is also overall solid in a target lock team.

Gameplay Strategy for the best fleet team

1) Kill priority: First Order Tie Fighter (to get rid of damage) or Tie Reaper (to speed up your capital ship over their’s, critical if your Tie Reaper is destroyed earlier). Following that, kill order can vary: you may want to stop opponent’s Boba Fett from using Seismic Charge if the 30% damage to your max health would be devastating. You may want to go for a quick kill to let your Tie Reaper take TM away from enemy capital ship. Or just take out whichever ship you find the next most annoying (for us that’s Tie Advanced x1). Regardless, make sure your Tie Advanced x1 is repeatedly hitting the enemy Imperial Tie Fighter—you don’t want a scimitar coming in to pseudo-taunt that (it chooses the ship with the highest health+protection. Your Tie Advanced x1 is guaranteed to hit, so prevents triggering capital ship TM gain which is game-defining.

2) Opening: Your Imperial Tie Fighter is the fastest ship in the best fleet team in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and it’s basic has a 70% chance to land target lock, prior to potency-tenacity checks. If your opponent hasn’t landed Target Lock and had their Biggs taunt, you can choose who to attack with the basic. The First Order Tie Fighter generally has the lowest tenacity, and the Biggs ship has the highest tenacity. Personally, we choose the First Order Tie Fighter to land target lock since the rest of the fleet depends on it, and so that Biggs will taunt (protect the other ships)—but we can also attack Biggs because it is likely the first ship we take down anyways.

3) Things to keep in mind while playing: When your Biggs ship is almost down, you want to use your Imperial Tie Fighter’s special to gain foresight. This lets you evade the next hit and trigger capital ship TM gain—which is what the current meta is all about (you want to get to Tarkin ultimate or Chimaera’s abilities faster, as well as call in reinforcements earlier). If your other ships are forced to hit Imperial Tie Fighter, you may want to use Tie Advanced x1’s special to put evasion down (-25% evasion on it). Keep in mind though that Tie Advanced x1 has 0% potency, so debuffs may very possibly not land.

4) Using this strategy, especially by virtue of pseudo-taunting the Imperial Tie Fighter to get capital ship TM gain (get to abilities like the Tarkin “I win” ultimate faster), which the AI is too stupid to do, it is relatively safe to attack ships 50k power above you.

Gearing priority

1) Focus on the above 5 ships in your main lineup and your capital ship pilot for the best fleet team in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. We focused on the Imperial Tie Fighter first—brought it to 45% evasion chance and pseudo-taunted it with the Scimitar reinforcement. This let us trigger massive Tarkin TM gain which helped us to get to the “I win” ultimate far faster to win matches. G11 on Imperial Tie Fighter and G9 on the rest of our pilots allowed us to enter the top 10 of people with G11 lineups. But matches can come down to RNG when you rely on evasion chance to win.

Finally, it helps to join your fleet shardchat and reach out to those you trade frequently with. You can most likely get in touch with them by searching their guild on /r/swgoh_guilds and asking their guild leader to help you get in touch.

Future farming

• For what it’s worth, in DBOfficial’s gamechanger interview, it was confirmed there will be ships PvE node. Future ships might include some of the following from a datamine a year ago (some ships were since released): and some are speculating that First Order SF ship and Tie Silencer may be needed for a Holdo capital ship event.

For a video showcasing this strategy in action with explanation of the above, see this:

That’s it for the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Best Fleet Team Guide 2018, thanks to user ‘The_No0b’ for help creating this guide. If we’ve missed something or have something wrong, just let us know and we will update the guide.

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