Best Arcanas 2018 – Arena of Valor

Best Arcanas 2018 – Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor by Tencent Games

Hello Arena of Valor players, today we present you the best arcanas for the heroes in the game. This Arcana Guide for Arena of Valor should help new but also advanced players which arcanas they should buy in 2018. Arcanas are very important in Arena of Valor because its basically 1500+ gold of free start level 1 for a full-page of T3 arcanas. Also, some heroes are not viable without a specific arcana page and if an AD can be correct without it, AP heroes need a full-page to be truly viable. Oh and we will talk only about them, keep your gold for T3 arcana please!
Also feel free to comment, if you disagree and explain your reasoning. So don’t blindly buy these arcana until you are absolutely sure that they work for you in Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor – Best Arcanas 2018

Best Red Arcanas

  • Enlightened : Never take them for your mages. You will always have a better option.
  • Obliterate : Excellent runes for physical damage dealer with a lot of magic damages or true damage in their kit. if your champion deal exclusively physical damages, you will have a better option here too.
  • Onslaught : The basic runes for most physical damage dealer (most, not all). Buy them first will never be a bad idee.
  • Bloodlust : Mediocre runes, avoid.
  • Rampage : This arcanas are specifically used exclusively by Wukong, but there are vital if you want to play him.
  • Indomitable : The basic runes for your tanks, especially if they don’t do physical damage (however, you will take Obliterate or Onslaught). It’s extremly strong on heroes like Xeniel.
  • Violate : The best red arcana for mages. You play mage, you take this.
  • Conjure : Mediocre rune. It can be an option for a pure right clicker mage but there is not any mage who will prefer this one (or Enlightened) to Violate
  • Atrocity : Basic runes for ADCs and some melee damage dealers like Nakroth.
  • Blitz : The Basic rune for some champions played around attack speed (Murad for exemple). Note that x5 Blite + x5 Atrocity is played a lot for ADCs too.

Best Purple Arcanas

  • Colossus : Best runes for tanks with HP scaling abilities. Strong option on most tanks.
  • Sap : The basic rune for mobile mages like Raz or Tulen. In addition to Rhea’s Blessing it will give you 41% magic lifesteal.
  • Reave : A strong sustain option for ADCs and melee right clicker. It’s often played x5 only with other options (see below)
  • Tyrant : Strong option for mobile bruiser who deal damages with both skill and right clic.
  • Feast : Never played runes. Too specific, avoid it (maybe i you are all arcanas … take a specific anti-mage page if you play versus x4 or x5 magic dealer but honestly … it NEVER happen).
  • Devour : Excellent option beside Sap. A little more AP, a little less sutain. Imo, the +6% magic lifesteal is more relevant than the 24 AP, but that’s all your choice here.
  • Belevolence : Excellent option for tanky roamers. Note that on Superman, i prefer Colossus because this guy is already insanely fast
  • Assassinate : Basic runes for assassins and ability oriented ADC (Joker godlike runes)
  • Guerilla : Good option for ADCs and attack speed dependant heroes (Murad for exemple), it’s generally played x5 with Reave. It’s played x10 on most immobile mages despite the useless attack speed part because this extra movspeed will be crucial to touch your opponent (on something like Aleister, you can’t play without)

Best Green Arcanas

  • Bastion : Not popular because specific, but that’s a very strong rune for ranked to counter most AD teams. On Arthur it can make some miracles.
  • Mythril : Looks strong, but never played : The armor bonus is inferior to Bastion and the MR part is not really relevant because most played mages … don’t really care of your MR (Raz 300 magic reduction or the toxic Lauriel true damages) or can shred the most part of it (75 with boots, 75 with Hecate’s Diadem, 88 with arcanas, 150 if a support / AP tank take Soaring Aura and of course 40% with Staff of Null who is situational and not so much needed unless you are the only man who carry the game).
  • Valiance : Excellent rune for tanks / supports. Often played with heroes who finish with 35% CDR full build (Spear of Longinus users).
  • Prowess : Not interesting.
  • Hex : Correct but outclassed.
  • Skewer : Imo the strongest of all arcanas early game. Combined with red Onslaught you will have 100 armor pen level 1. It will make you able to true damage squishies with a Rankbreaker (or Spear of Longinus for bruisers)
  • Flurry : Despite the attack speed part, it’s one of the best arcana because combined with Violate, you will be able to do true damages … level 1 to … anyone (unless they buy magic resistance first) !
  • Focus : Good for heroes who have a 30% CDR optimal build or who lack of CDR anyway.
  • Consume : To be cancer in 1v1 map with Lauriel, that’s all.
  • Crusader : In most situations, it’s inferior to Valiance, avoid it.

Thanks to user General_Lysandre for help creating this guide.

Feel free to ask any question or a specific set for your favorite hero in Arena of Valor. We will constantly update this list to help you which arcanas to choose. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below.
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