Beginners Guide to Summoners War

summoners-war-faq-logoThis is going to be our newbies text guide to being a newbie and starting out in the game Summoners War, we will be going over Giants b10 and some simply rules of thumb.

This is a beginners guide and not for advanced players! All info here will be coming from our experience in Summoners War. Hence this being a low level guide.

This guide is aimed at: Players from 1-39(early 40). Players trying to build a GB10 team.

Summoners War – Beginners Guide

Starting rules of thumb

  1. Do not trust public chat, yes we know this seems like a silly one but it really is a big one as sadly there are a lot of trolls in public chat who will tell you to fodder good monsters claiming they are bad.
  2. Do not build every single monster you get, just because it’s a good monster does not mean you need to build it right then and there. Put it in storage and build it later. This will allow you to concentrate on your core team/monsters.
  3. Try to save 1 of each 4 star monster you get! Just put it in storage even if its terrible, you never know when they might get buffed.
  4. Up until around 60 max energy keep buy premium packs. This is totally up to you but IMO its a waste to buy energy refills when under 60 max energy and buying premium packs will benefit you more. (This one is optional! Do as you heart decides)
  5. Runes over monsters. The better your runes the higher up in dungeons you will go as well arena. If you have 100 nat 5s with bad runes it wont do you any good. Remember runes are more important then monsters for the most part.

I have just started what do I do? Firstly use whatever monsters you have to clear the scenario up to faimon volcano. While doing that keep an eye out for these monsters: Wind Griffon(Bernard) Wind Pixie(Shannon) Water Gurada(Konamiya)

After you have cleared Faimon Volcano then proceed to start on your giants team.

Who Should You 6 Star First? This Is a common question for new players. Your first 6 star should be the one that helps you the most with your progression. This can all depend but if you already have Veromos and haven’t made a 6 star yet then make Veromos your first 6 star. He can farm Tamor Hell stage 1 with half decent runes at 6 star and with good runes at 5 star. Your next should be Belladeon and after that we would recommend a damage dealer (one that can speed up your giant’s teams and help with arena, more info below) Otherwise if you don’t have Veromos, you should work on fusing him.


Basic GB10 Team Info

Giants is the first dungeon you will need to do after finishing the scenario stages. Here we will give a basic GB10 team that you can use and go over the individual monsters.

Basic Team:

Veromos (L), Belladeon, Shannon, Bernard,+1 (Darion/Konamiya,etc…) This is a easy farmable team that anyone can use to get to GB10

Shannon (Wind Pixie):

Runes: Swift(4)/Energy(2): Spd/HP%/HP% or HP%/HP%/HP% Despair(4)Energy(2): Spd/HP%/HP% or HP%/HP%/ACC%

Shannon needs these stats AT LEAST for GB10:

HP: 15K(Maybe even 16K)

SPEED: 140

ACCURACY: 35%(45% is better if you can)

Most people will advise that you get 45% Acc BUT we suggest that you get HP above ALL other stats for Shannon as she is very squishy. You need some speed to be able to keep putting that defense buff up and de-buffing the enemies.

Bernard(Wind Griffon):

Runes: Swift(4)/Energy(2): Spd/HP%/ACC% or HP%/HP%/ACC% Swift(4)/Focus(2): Spd/HP%/ACC% or Spd/HP%/HP%

Bernard needs these stats AT LEAST for GB10:

HP: 15K

SPEED: 175


Must have all of these, but if you cant get them you can take off a bit of hp for the acc or spd but preferable get these stats at least.

Belladeon(Light Inugami):

Runes: Swift(4)/Energy(2): Spd/HP%/HP% or Spd/HP%/ACC% Swift(4)/Focus(2): Spd/HP%/HP%

Belladeon needs these stats AT LEAST for GB10:

HP: 17K+

SPEED: 170


Belladeon you can get a from a secret dungeon on the light dungeon day. Just keep a look out in the chat for the secret dungeon and farm the light dungeon to try get Belladeon’s secret dungeon. Belladeon is a great monster, she has a heal, single target strip and defense break.

Veromos(Dark Ifrit):

Runes: Swift(4)/Energy(2): Spd/HP%/HP% or Spd/HP%/ACC% Swift(4)/Focus(2): Spd/HP%/HP%

Veromos needs these stats at least for GB10:

HP: 17K+

SPEED: 170


Veromos is a crazy good monster, keep a eye out for the fusion materials for him. Start working on him full time after creating ALL of the other members off this GB10 team.

Your +1, This will at first should be some type of support monster, Emma, Chasun, Delphoi or acasis are some 4 star monsters that can work in this role! We have listed Darion and Konamiya as 3/2 star options as the +1.

Darion or Konamiya

In the end its your choice of who you choose out of these two. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Darion(Light Vagabond):

Runes: Energyx3: HP%/Hp%/ACC% or HP%/HP%/DEF% Energyx2/Focus: HP%/Hp%/ACC% or HP%/HP%/DEF%

Darion needs these stats at least for GB10:

HP: 15K+


Same as Belladeon you can farm him on the light day. He just needs to be tanky and have accuraccy! Very easy to build.

Konamiya(Water Garuda)

Runes: Swift(4)/Energy(2): Spd,HP%,HP%

Konamiya needs these stats at least for GB10:

HP: 15K+

SPEED: 165

Has a decent heal and full cleanse as well as Konamiya’s second skill will allow allies to go more often allowing safer runs. Konamiya is a 2 star which means easy skills ups! Great +1 option and you can also use going into DB10.

After you have been farming GB10 for a bit with your +1 being a support monster you can move onto using a damage dealer as your +1 to speed up your run times.

Some monsters you can use if you have them are: 4 Stars: Lushen(Wind Joker) Orochi(Wind Ninja)

5 Stars: Lagmaron(Wind Chimera) Taor(Water Chimera) Teshar(Wind Pheonix) Sigmarus(Water Pheonix) Theomars(Water Ifrit) Akhamamir(Wind Ifrit)

Most Nat 5 attackers will work for this slot but the ones above are great for it! Sigmarus is great because he is a fusion monster so you can easily get him!

Final GB10 Thoughts

With all of this you should be able to do GB10. To get these stats easier you can 6 star some of these monsters! Veromos and Belladeon should have top priority for this as you will use them later on as well. After you have done you giants team DO NOT go straight to dragons b10. Farm GB10 for quite some time to upgrade your runes a lot! (More info about this in the DB10 part(Coming Soon))

Feel free to suggest things in the comments and we will expand this beginners guide for Summoners War.

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