Alliance Quest Guide – Marvel’s Contest of Champion

As many of you may of have noticed we were able to take out, if not do a lot of damage to most bosses in the Alliance Quest and yet we are the lowest rated player in the whole alliance. This game may seem to be one that is primarily about collecting, but there is a clear strategy to fighting that involves focus and skill. Before we start this off we want to say that this does take time and to master techniques it will take practice and it may feel weird fighting in a different way. Okay so we are going to breakdown the essentials.

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Masteries for Alliance Quests

So you want to be a boss killer? Well forget about LC or DE these masteries although useful in certain situations absolutely wreck you when it comes to heal block bosses which almost all bosses have in higher leveled maps. If you do want to keep the LC and DE masteries then you should adapt to fighting with poison immune champs. The most optimal team would be Ultron to take out the nodes along the way Ms.Marvel/Captain Marvel she is also a great path clearer and if used correctly can be strong against venom, we will go into further detail later. And last but not least a Duped hulk// Regular Abomination This will be your primary Jug/UC killer as their attack is high and if used correctly these guys can be DEADLY. In addition maxing coagulate is very helpful in bleed reduction. We personally recommend removing these masteries if you do want to become a boss killer but it’s all personal opinion. The Masteries that we strongly recommend is Dexterity 1/3, Parry 3/3 and Stupefy 3/3 this will allow the stun to last far longer helping with Unstoppable. The next strongly recommended mastery for AQ is block proficiency 4/4 this will allow for a 8% boost in blocking allow it may not seem like much can be very helpful. And Lastly creating the basic offence tree which I’m assuming many of you have, but for those of you that don’t it looks like this:


Best Champions for the Alliance Quests

The best champions varies with bosses, The strongest champ for UC and Jug is Captain America/WW2 Cap in our opinion. Some players use Electro or Dr.Strange, but we have no personal experience with that. Well you might be asking why is Cap such a good champ? This is for one reason and one reason only and that is Block Proficiency. Cap’s block abilities allow him to take no damage when he parries Significantly reduces incoming damage when blocked. For Colossus we would recommend any champ with a strong armor break, Examples Include Spiderman or Iron fist.

Fighting Styles in the Alliance Quest

Now time for the good stuff, we’ve divided types of fighting into two main styles.

Style 1: Parry focused

This style is our favorite and in our opinion an easier and less risky way of fighting. The only flaw to this style is that it is only truly used well, with champs with high block proficiency due to the high attack of bosses. Start Every fight with a block, if your opponent comes at you it should stun them allowing you to go at them with a five hit combo, once finished or if the first block didn’t work back away a few paces and wait for the opponent to charge at you, just as they are about to hit you block, now this timing may take a while, but once you get it, it is solid! After that hit them with a five hit combo rinse and repeat. This method works best with cap. Once your opponent has 2 full bars of power this is when we like to lay low and back off, once they swipe at us, we evade twice, this most of the time will get them to use their special and once used attack them, Unless the boss has Unstopable which we will go into later. When you yourself have a bar of power saved up simply do a 3 hit combo and use your special (this usually works to connect most our specials) Excluding Ultrons L1 which we never use.

Style 2: Dexterity Master

This style is a harder style to master, but does have a great pay off. This is a style more used when your champ does not have high block proficiency. We personally hated this style to begin with and took a lot of time to get used to and not get trapped in the corner. Now to start with this style we like to still go into the fight holding a block as the first parry usually does not do much if they do not hit us, we simply evade twice. this usually leads us to a point where our opponent is blocking where we hit them 2-4 times never 5 and back away. We continue to do this until the opponent either uses a heavy attack and then we go in for a 5 hit combo or they use their L1 which based off of most AQ bosses is pretty easy to just swipe back evade and go back in. It takes approx. 10 hits to fill your opponent’s first special bar so. To Achieve these ten hits every time the opponent comes at us we evade, once they are blocked we go for our 2-4 block hits come back wait for a heavy and nail em with a 5 hit combo or a 3 to L1 or L2 by then usually their first special is ready, we bait it out until we’re about halfway back in the arena if they still have not used it we simply do our 2-4 block hits swipe back and wait for a heavy then go in again, only hit them once or twice and swipe back again. This usually works.

Specific Boss Fights:

Okay, So now you’ve read over the fighting styles have studied them and practiced them and are now ready to take on the big guns. The two main Bosses we will be covering are Jug(basically the same as UC) and Venom.


I’m the juggernaut bitch” and he can be one, jug in our opinion can be more annoying to fight then UC sometimes due to the difficulty in evading his first special. His First special Involves him smashing the ground with his fist, which generates a floor bang that can reach a surprising distance the best way to dodge this is to get pretty close to him before he’s going use it and just before his fist hits the ground swipe back. Now jug is in unstoppable. Unstoppable is a pain in the ass. It can dominate and ruin your fighting style completely. Once he is in unstoppable swipe back and wait for him to charge. Once he does parry, you can go for hits during this first parry, but it is risky. After that swipe back and as he charges at you this time, hit him with another parry this time it is completely safe to hit him as 99.99 percent of the time the second stun will last longer then unstoppable. THE CORNER this is not a place you want to be, so try to avoid it as much as possible. Good ways to do this include. Attempting to push jug in the corner. We like to use our l2 to push jug back when possible after a 3 to special combo. Another strategy I’ve that works is to save your power until it is fully charged and if he does get you near the corner use it. Another thing to note down is JUG ALWAYS STARTS WITH UNSTOPPABLE so we can stress enough to begin the fight with a block which 80% of the time will lead to a parry swipe back and then parry again. then bam you’re golden. WW2 Cap’s L2 is super helpful with this boss as Jug is not Immune to bleed, so this bleed usually does huge damage. If you’re using regular cap we prefer to use his L1 as I’’ve noticed it does solid damage and has a chance to inflict stun.

A good practice Dummy is

Philly: UC rated 5/50


This guy was a piece of work when we first got to him. We hate venom and always will although he is a big guy he moves quick and has one of the fastest heavy attack in the game. Against venom we usually get the most damage done with Cap, but can get some down with Ms.Marvel. To fight against venom you must note down 2 things. 1: his L1 is golden, You want to try to bait this special as much as possible as it is one of the easiest specials to avoid. 2: You will need to know how to parry his L2, Unfortunately we have not found away around this. Once his power bar is loaded to 2 get as far away from him as you can 9 out of 10 times he will use his L2 immediately when he gets. Just when his claw is about to come down you block which should trigger a parry and in which bam a five hit combo right there. We would like to use Cap or a champ with a high BP, but the problem is by the time I’m at venom 6 out of 10 times Cap is KO’ed due to the MiniBosses. So we got used to using Ms.Marvel. To use Ms.Marvel or a champ with a lower BP simply use fighting style 2 as stated above and make sure to BAIT HIS L1!!

A good practice Dummy is

Madtitan1  5/50 Venom

Thanks to the user Phin for this guide and we hope this Alliance Quest Guide can help you. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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