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This guide for Lords Mobile assumes you have read other guides out there. We’re not going to go over the basics, we will be going over a lot of random knowledge that is not covered by other guide. A lot of guides are on the official forums, which people don’t like to talk about costs. In fact, if you know the costs, a lot of people would make their decision very differently. For example, if you knew the costs of being a proper rally leader, you probably would skip the expensive hero packs and take it much slower. We wanted to be a rally leader, however after looking at the costs of being even a kindof crappy rally leader. We’ve decided that the amount it takes does not make financial sense to us.

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You can find more guides about Lords Mobile here and shout out to Tashi for having great videos. Check out his channel on youtube for great lords mobile videos:

If you are a new player and confused by the terminology. What you should do is buy Big guy to Gold, $275. If you’re not willing to do that, this is honestly not the game for you and you’ll enjoy a different game more.

Lords Mobile – Advanced Guide

Account Type and Costs

Before you should start heavily buying packs, you need to figure out what kind of account you want. In lords mobile, there are four basic kinds of accounts. Rally Leaders, People who join rallies, Low Spenders and Traps.

There are some guides out there that claim their account is ‘solo attackers’ ‘skirmishers’. We think of these as more of “People who spent lots of money, but not enough to be a rally leader”.
Anyone can be a solo attacker, it is very easy, just attack people with less might than you. However if you want to take down people with higher might, or past a certain point, you need the gear and jewels to do so.

People who join rallies is a broad category that includes T3/T4 Support. These players lose a lot of troops and need to constantly buy packs to keep up. The very nature of attacking will mean you lose troops.

Low Spenders generally don’t join much pvp rallies (Maybe some super safe ones). Low spenders need to be far more careful with their attacks, as lost troops may take a long time to recover. That being said, the vast majority of players are low spenders.

Traps can’t join rallies. If they get battle fury, they die. Traps have an initial startup cost, however since they can’t join rallies, they usually don’t see much action. That being said, since they aren’t replacing troops all the time, or healing mainly T1, their ongoing cost is very low. After finishing your trap, you don’t need to spend much to maintain your power level.

Cost of being a Rally Leader

Rally Leaders are very expensive. At a minimum, they require T4, Gold Heroes, Good Equipment, and Good Jewels. We estimate it costs $13k for a Gold Rally Leader (With Debuffs), and $6658 for a Purple Rally Leader (No debuffs). Being Patient will Lower the cost somewhat, but a lot of the cost is unavoidable and can only be partially mitigated. Amazon coins (look up a guide) + Amazon Credit card can take off another 30% off depending on your sales tax.

T4 Costs: Getting T4 costs around 3 million gems, This will cost you about $2000 alone. 600k for the P2W buildings, and 2.4 Mil for the Research (after helps). Certainly through efficiently play, waiting a while, and better packs, this cost can be reduced.

Debuffs: Debuffs are the longest and most expensive researches in the game, but are really the dividing line for being able to fight for base in an unprotected kingdom. Debuffs are crazy good because they are multiplicative. A gold rally leader will have about 900% attack (Base Attack + Troop Attack + Army Attack + Heroes), and a -10% debuff will reduce the enemy attack by 90%. It is crazy good

Gold Heroes: You need 5 Gold heroes to be a rally leader. This will take at least Lore Weaver ($775), Songstress ($1275), and Berserker ($775). You can add F2P heroes for the final two (Rose Knight, Bombing Goblin, and troop specific ones). The $100 packs are unavoidable. Even if you go $5-20-50, this will only get you 50 medals, it will take you at least 6 months before you get these three P2W heroes to gold and still cost you close to $500 each.

Equipment: Gold Budget Gear ($3475) or Purple Budget Gear ($1153). Budget gear is defined as: Frostwing Greatsword, Bumble Helm, Eternal Codex, Firewall Plate, Dragon’s Talon, 3x Burning Scrolls. We’ve done the estimates in a spreadsheet and we have an image below, estimates are based off of our personal experience buying packs.


Burning Scrolls are chosen because they are just as good as Blight Rings and Cost much less. Frostwing Greatsword is chosen because you are spending all your mutated brains on Burning Scrolls, and not on the Skullcrusher. Dragon’s Talon is chosen because the Glistening Pearl Drop rate from chests is really low, in addition Glistening Pearls are not in the Monstrous Chests.

This cost goes down if you buy Material Madness packs, this cost goes up if you buy monster material packs that cost more than $5. Material Madness is very important as it covers every single part of your gear. All the ultra rares you need are in the monstrous chest (Aside from Frostwing and Glowing Eyes which we found very easy to get).

A lot of people say “oh just get lucky”. Well if you going to collect 30 legendary ultra rares for your gear, you’re going to open a lot of boxes and you’re going to get much closer to the average costs.

Jewels: You need 8 of each attack jewels, Gold ($2048) and Purple ($680). On average $170 in jewel packs gives you 2 of each epics jewels ( for drop rates). The funny thing about the jewel packs is that the $100 pack is better than the $50 pack, and the $50 pack is better than the $20 packs. There are other ways of acquiring jewels, but the vast majority of the jewels will come from the $170 pack and it isn’t easy to reduce the cost of this.

Time: If you are a rally leader for your guild, you need to be available almost 24/7. People will rely on you to defend the hive and contest forts. The nature of wonder timers means that your sleep will be affected by wonder war. You will also probably be quickly promoted to r4 and have to help manage the guild. That being said a lot of people find this a deeply satisfying experience and worthwhile time spent.

Pack Value

Here is a ranking of the best packs in the game (by pack value).

Advanced Guide – Lords Mobile

Crown Jewels is not included as it is geared more for rally leaders. For Crown Jewels keep in mind the $100 pack is the best value, so unless you are willing to buy the full $170 pack, avoid it.

Low Spenders/F2P

We personally just don’t have much experience with the low spending / non-overlords guilds. The vast majority of the players are Low Spenders / F2P. There are some comments below where many players share their experiences while still being low spending.

If you are a low spender, we’d recommend $5 hero packs and some of the better, 3 star Captain Specials. If you have a gambling itch, go with the $5 Super Savings.

That being said if you want to join in the battle for forts and contest base, you will need to buy a ton of packs to constantly rebuild troops. Low Spenders/F2P involves shielding/hiding troops for 28 days of the month, then unshield and attacking for KvK. Then shielding for 28 days of the month.

Low Spenders/F2P have also the advantage of less of a time commitment. Your scheduled isn’t determined by wonder wars. You don’t need to take breaks during work to start/reinforce rallies

Random info

Just some random info that isn’t found elsewhere, or correction to popular guides

F2P Heroes
Do not get sage of storms or scarlet bolt. A F2P hero takes 2 months or 200k gems to get to gold. You will not need the construction speed by the time you start getting them to Gold. Scarlet Bolt is good later in the game for Monster Hunting (Defense dubuffs), but that is a very long way away as you will want to gold multiple colo/army heroes first.

The Correct Priority is:
1. Trickster (Research Speed and Monster Hunting)
2. Rose Knight (Collo and Army)
3. Tracker/Demon Slayer (Collo, and some army). Prima Donna if you’re F2P and don’t have Lore Weaver.

Familiars are a great investment, and we would highly recommend everyone to invest in them. Aquarius is by far the best familiar (in terms of cost/beneift), every player should be working on Aquarius as soon as they unlock familiars, you want to get him to lvl 60 asap.

You do not need to spend gems/speedups on familiars, and we would discourage you from doing so. Instead focus on getting merge speedups from hell events and guildfest. Training Speed is going to be the main limiter in familiars and there is a ton of training to do.

We’d recommend Mip’s guide here:

Tempestite, Pyris, and Gryphon are ‘traps’. They are significantly harder than the rest of the pact, and will requires over 2x the amount of pact openings due to lowered drop rates. We would not recommend doing them, because then you are stuck opening pacts just to progress only one 1 familiar, rather than doing a new pact where you can progress on 5 familiars at the same time.

Playing Efficiently
Always wait for helps (each help takes off 1% or 1 minute, whichever is greater), always time with solo/help events (it’s like a virtual 100% or more research speed). Get your research and construction gear up. Don’t rush construction, you need 2.5 million gems for research anyways. Don’t rush research too much before you get your gold flutes and gold trickster, that being said the military research tree has the best boosts and getting it up early will make you a scary solo attacker early in the game.

Monster hunting research is great to a point. Focus on getting the energy costs down and energy recovery up.

Stat Weightings
1% Attack = 2% HP = 20% DEF. Defense is basically a garbage stat. Some people prioritize attack even more, as when you are zeroing someone, the more troops you kill, the easier your follow up hits will be.

P2W Buildings
Don’t get P2W buildings to lvl 25, leave them at lvl 24 until you can afford to get academy 25 in one go. The reason is as soon as they are 25, all of the Cuffs, Tomes, and Soul Crystals you get become trash. For the Treasure trove, the upgrade from 8->9 will take 6 months before it pays back your investment. We feel like we get 200 pickaxes a month, if you’re in a heavier spending guild it might be more.

Monster Hunter
Damage doesn’t really matter for monster hunter. 1% damage will get you the same as 5%. Some people claim more damage is more drops. They says “If I press the 5x button I do 5x the damage and get 5x the drops, so damage = drops”. Well, that’s just because the 5x button is 5 separate hits. We do not think the monster hunting gear is worth it. It costs thousands to get to gold and the benefit is slim. Having some extra move speed is nice though.
The best way to get relocators and 24 hour shields are lvl 4 monsters (lvl 5 do not drop relocators and lvl 3s have a much lower drop rate). So if your guild is full of people who don’t notice you aren’t killing monsters, that’s the best way to benefit yourself personally.
That being said some people join monster hunting guilds and get 200 epic monster chests a day. Getting at least blue/purple gear is a requirement for some of these guilds.

Rushing C25
We do not think it is a good idea to rush C25. The major cost of getting to c25 early is it becomes very difficult to place in solo/hell events, this is because hell events placing is based off of your performance across all kingdoms with your same castle level. Before C25 its quiet easy to get top 10 hell, even top 4 for the amazing rewards. But once you are C25 you are competing against the wide amount of C25s in the game.

The benefit of c25 is 3 watcher medals per hell, 3 accessory slots, and lvl 9 treasure trove. Getting Gold Watcher is mainly reliant on your post T4 research, it takes a long time to get 2 gold lunar flutes, and getting lvl 9 treasure trove means the pickaxes you get become useless.

We think it is worth delaying c25 so you can place well in solo/hell events.

One other benefit of c25 is you can build vault 25. If you find yourself being constantly farmed in your kingdom by high might players, building vault 25 is important so you can protect your gold. In addition once you build vault 25 you will probably be attacked a lot less for your rss because you have less to take from.

Hyper Accounts T4 troops require a significant amount of resources, so hyper accounts are very useful if you are a t4 player. Even if you aren’t a t4 player, you can sell RSS for Gems to T4 players. We’d recommend Mip’s Hyper Account guide.

Thanks and credit to user laststandb for help creating this guide.

New Guide: Little Known Ways to Master Lords Mobile

Please let us know if you see any mistakes and we appreciate any feedback, thanks! For more guides about Lords Mobile check our guide section.

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