8 awesome Tips for Pokemon Go

For those who are taking Pokemon Go to the highest level, we will leave here some advice. Here we’ve got 8 awesome Tips and Tricks for you to improve your game to the maximum. This Pokemon Go Guide, is also for players who are already know the basics and maybe want to learn something new.

8 awesome Tips for Pokemon Go

  1. Pokestops are in places of interest. They have been logged and pictures taken by Ingress players! We know where all the stops are. You can actually register on Ingress, and check the “Ingress intel map” to see where all “portals” are. Those portals are what niantic has taken to Pokemon go and made them “pokestops”. They were logged through the hardwork of hundreds of thousands of Ingress players.
  2. The fastest way to level up is to catch Pidgeys. Pidgeys cost only 12 candy to evolve, and you will get 500 exp per pidgey evolved. Farm pidgeys, a lot of them. When ready (You must have 130`+ pidgey candy), then eat a lucky egg (this will be given to you when you level up, we forgot the level but we think it was 8 or so) and start evolving all your pidgeys. You will get 1000 exp each time. Do the same with the rattatas, subats and other trash you might have collected. You will get the highest experience boost of your life.
  3. If limited incubators, use your infinite incubator for 2km eggs. Use the incubators that “expire” only for the long km eggs. This way you are mazimizing your egg hatching capacity.
  4. CP boost before evolving, yes or no? It DOES NOT MAKE a difference. Look, what you need to really try to find, are pokemon that have their “max cp” bar almost fully complete. Remember that the higher trainer level you are, the higher max CP each pokemon can have. ALSO, the higher the evolution of the pokemon, the higher CP it holds. So… at the beginning you shouldnt worry at all about anything. Don’t waste Candies or Stardust in powering up pokemons until you are level 13-15 or so. Once you are those levels you will for instance find a Pidgey level 250 in the wild. This pidgey will have the max CP to almost the max. When you evolve it, a Pidgeoto level shitloads you will get.
  5. If you want to know how to achive your first 1000 CP in Pokemon Go, check out this guide.
  6. You can name your pokemons in ways that will really help you. The best way we have found is to signal what are the attack kinds of each best pokemon you own. Let’s put an example with Golbat. Now, imagine you have a goldbat with Wing Attack as a standard move and Air Cutter as Special. Lucky you! Those are the best “flying” attacks for a Goldbat. So we have named this Goldbat Goldbat FlFl+ (This means the best goldbat with 2 flying attacks). Then I have another Goldbat that has attack Bite and Air Cutter. Hence one is Dark type other is Flying. This is our Goldbat DaFl+ etc…


    You can rename your Pokemon by the best attacks they have, this will help you a lot.

  7. What is the best investment for your money if you want to do an in app purchase? We personally think it’s incubators. Max out on incubators so that you can hatch many eggs at a time. Lucky eggs can be massively helpful also if used smartly. (Like when you do a pidgey boost, or when your 9 eggs are about to hatch)
  8. This is too much, but if you have the means… the best gear we used in Ingress was a Power Bank with 2 usb entries. On one you plug your phone so that it charges, on the other you plug a portable wifi to access remote locations. It works.

Those are our 8 awesome Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks; have some of your own? Write down in the comments!

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