3D Touch: Apple patent shows touch sensitive home button

The US Patent and Trademark Law Office USPTO published an Apple patent a few days ago, to its recognition Cupertino requested in March 2013. It confirmed the idea sketch entitled “Force-Sensitive Fingerprint Sensing Input” in September 2015; Since today, the PDF can see with the case number US2016 / 0033342 in the archives of the USPTO.


And the patent has it all: Confirms the 30-page application but a speculation which accompanied us already scarce since three years. Apple could work to replace the mechanical home button of the iPhone by a touch-sensitive module which is connected as part of the display with the glass of the front panel.
A step that Apple is likely to make the iPhone both resistant to liquid damage as well as against mechanical damage.
Recently reported for his Apple predictions infamous industry journal Digitimes in June 2015 the ongoing work from Apple on an integrated “touch and display driver” with the aid of an iPhone with fingerprint scanner but could be finished without a mechanical home button.
The single-chip solution would be incorporated into a display, with which then the complete device-front could be covered.


Picture: computerbild.de

As an integration of the Home buttons might look in the iPhone screen shows the  design concepts of 3D specialists Martin Hajek, commissioned by the German computerbild.de. Hajek was first dispensed in his designs last May to the mechanical home button of the iPhone and can merge the button with the display of the iPhone.

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