Angry Birds Fight


Angry Birds Fight by Rovio

With Angry Birds Fight the creators have released a puzzle RPG game for Android, iPhone and iPad. Thereby the franchise was transferred to a new gaming experience. Of course, the numerous angry birds are not missing.

The app is part of the genre puzzle RPG as Battle Camp, means you only need to connect the characters together in Angry Birds Fight, and so apply the force for an attack. What else do you expect in Angry Birds Fight, learn it in following App Review.


Angry Birds Fight: Experience a wild puzzle battle


Angry Birds Fight Screenshot – (c) Rovio

Now there is also a match 3 game with RPG content for Android and iOS with Angry Birds Fight. In wild puzzle battles the main task is, to kill enemy units.

On the one hand you have to move the birds like that, that at least three of the same kind are next to one another or the other birds. If you connect four, you activate special skills and with 5 the wild frenzy. This makes it easier to defeat enemies or friends in this real-time battles, yes you can even play against your friends.

With RPG elements

Furthermore Angry Birds Fight convinced with RPG elements. So you can equip your bird with further objects. You can equip your birds with crazy weapons or armor, to obtain more energy, more attack power or special abilities.

Various islands help to create a long-term game, because only when winning a fighting, you will be rewarded in addition to the experience, with useful items.

Trailer for Angry Birds Fight

In order to gain a better idea of Angry Birds Fight, we have yet linked the official trailer for the game. Here’s the video:

Download the App

Rovio is expanding its franchise furthermore. With Angry Birds Fight it now attacks the segment of the puzzle match 3 games, in which many representatives are already in place.

With typical RPG elements it applies with skill and luck in this case to destroy the enemy units . In the course of Angry Birds Fight you unlock other birds, weapons and other items such as armor.

Financed is Angry Birds Fight through in-app purchases, where you can buy gemstones the premium currency to progress faster. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Angry Birds Fight for Android in Google Play Store

4.5-star Angry Birds Fight is very well rated by the players. To be able to install the app on your smart phone or tablet on your Android, at least Android 4 is required. Click here for the Google Play store:


App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store

Angry Birds Fight can also be downloaded in the iTunes App Store for free and is funded through in-app purchases. At least iOS 6 is needed is here. Download Angry Birds Fight now in the iTunes App Store:


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