Verdeless DB10 Guide – Summoners War

Verdeless DB10 Face Team Guide - Summoners War

This is just rough guide for Summoners War we made to help you build your Auto DB10 Face Team if you don’t have Verdehile and don’t use reviver. Basically we hope you already understand the core mechanics of the game and know the general knowledge of what to do. If not, you should try our other guides for Summoners War.

Verdeless DB10 Face Team Guide – Summoners War

Why Dragon

Once you’ve done with stable GB10 runs, DB10 is surely your next progression. Dragon offers the runes you need for every monster Revenge, Shield, Guard, Focus, Endure and the most sought for, Violent rune for those endless proc right?

General Progression Order

GB10 > ToAN Completion or at least 70 > DB10 > ToAH Completion or at least 70 / NB10 / Raid 5

Turn Order ( Speed Tuning Very Important )

ATB Slower / Buffer > Cleanser / Healer > Damage Dealer

Glory Towers

At this points, having SPD Totem level up as high as you can would be awesome. Preferable Min Level 9!

Sanctum of Energy / Mysterious Plant > SPD Totem > CD / HP / DEF / ATK > Elementals

( PS : Fairy Tree and Mana Fountain upgrades depends on each person preference )

  • Disclaimer : We have most glory towers maxed ( except : Light, Dark, Crystal Rock, Arcane Booster Tower, Fairy Tree and Mana Fountain ) for this testing runs.

The Dragon Team

As you can do GB10, you supposedly already have those units : Belladeon, Veromos. We won’t explain why those 2 units important since you can do GB10, we expect you guys know how OP they are.

Basic Team for Face DB10 : Veromos, Belladeon, DD + x + x

Before we started, we’re so supporting people to fuse Sigmarus as DD for DB10. Hell, if you have other OP DD like Taor, don’t mind it then.

So here’s few comp we tried ourself:

  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Spectra, Megan
  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Spectra, Bernard
  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Spectra, Konamiya
  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Spectra, Mantura
  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Spectra, Chow
  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Spectra, Taor
  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Megan, Bernard
  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Megan, Mantura
  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Megan, Chow
  • Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Bella, Megan, Taor
  • Hwa (L), Sigmarus, Veromos, Bella, Spectra
  • Hwa (L), Sigmarus, Veromos, Bella, Megan
  • Veromos (L), Bella, Chow, Spectra, Megan
  • Veromos (L), Bella, Taor, Spectra, Megan


Helpful / Needed Skills for DB10

Skills Explanation Best Candidates
Cleanser • The most important unit for DB10. It’s to clearing dots on your units. Veromos, Konamiya
• Having cleanser to be fast as possible is really important especially for solo cleanse
Speed / Slower • Increase the ATB thus helping the effectiveness of the unit’s skills that you need frequently ( cleanse, heal ) Bernard
• ATB slower help to control the movement of the crystal and Zaiross on waves and on the boss’s stages. Preventing right tower to cast immunity on the boss. Spectra
Sustainers • As you may take damage from the waves/boss, you will need healing Belladeon
• DEF break also great in helping the DD to kill the waves/boss faster
• DEF buffs helps your unit survives the damage taken Megan
• ATK/ATB buff helps more on your DD’s damage and SPD
Buff Remover • Remove or strip the immunity that right tower cast on the boss Belladeon, Megan
Damage Dealer • Essential to go through the waves and kill the boss Hwa, Perna, etc
• Having DD with AoE skills help clears faster but if don’t, w/e Sigmarus, Taor, etc

How to Rune

Runes are probably one of the most important things in the game, without the correct runes, your monsters will suck and won’t be able to reach their full potential.

When you first want start DB10 Team, you MUST Farm GB10 for specific sets and main stats. 5☆ runes are the bare minimum you should be using.

You don’t really need Violent runes to run Face DB10. If you can get good stats and spd with swift runes, its more better than shitty stats and spd on Violent, get it?

Surely you would want stable and consistent run with great success rate than unstable run with shitty rate would ya?

We would recommend to +15 any slots 2/4/6 too and +12 for slots 1/3/5 to maximize the rune potentials

  • Disclaimer : all suggested stats wise DOES NOT include Lead Skills or Glory Towers
Monster Basic Rune Later On HP SPD ACC CR
Veromos Swift / Foc or broken (spd/hp/hp) Vio / Nem or anything (spd/hp/hp) 20k+ Swift : 200+ Vio : 180+ Min 55%
Belladeon Swift / Foc or broken (spd/hp/hp) Vio / anything (spd/hp/hp) 20k+ Swift : 200+ Vio : 180+ Min 55%
Sigmarus Fatal / Blade (spd or atk/cd/atk) Vio or Rage / anything (spd or atk/cd/atk) 15k+ 85%
Spectra Swift / Foc or broken (spd/hp/hp or acc) Vio or Swift / anything (spd/cr/hp or acc) (spd/cd/atk or hp) 18k+ Swift : 200+ Vio : 180+ Min 55% *85%
Megan Swift / Foc or broken (spd/hp/hp) Vio or Swift / anything (spd/hp/hp) 20k+ Swift : 200+ Vio : 180+ Min 55%
Hwa Swift / anything (spd/hp/hp or anything) Swift or Vio / anything (spd/cr/atk) (spd/cd/atk) 15k+ Swift : 200+ Vio : 180+ *85%
Mantura Despair / anything (spd/hp/hp or acc) Despair / anything (spd/hp/hp or acc) 20k+ Despair : 200+ Min 55%
Bernard Swift / anything (spd/hp/hp or acc) Swift / anything (spd/hp/hp or w/e) 18k+ as fast as possible Min 55%
Konamiya Swift / Foc (spd/hp/hp) Swift or Vio / anything (spd/hp/hp) 20k+ Swift : 200+ Vio : 180+



Sigmarus (L), Veromos, Belladeon, Spectra, Megan comp is THE BEST to run for starter Face DB10 ( Verdeless )

Our Reasoning : the sustainable from this team is real good

  • Veromos, Belladeon – all people that already running GB10 supposedly have them already
  • Sigmarus – fusable. Great damage, AOE on 3rd skill really OP, clear waves very fast.
  • Spectra – easy to skills up, even the wind griffon are farmable. Control ATB in waves and boss stages.
  • Megan – easy to skills up since she’s a 3☆ unit. Pretty sure you guys have tons of her as fodders. If right tower cast immunity on boss, Toad Poison save your ass yo.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ ) / MISC

Minimum Crit Rate (CR)?

  • Water element DD : need Min 85% CR ( Elemental Advantages give 15% more CR )
  • Other elements DD : need 100% CR
  • Unless you running CR lead
    • Non – water element DD : need xx% CR ( 100% – CR lead = xx%)
    • Water element DD : need xx% CR ( 100% – 15% Elemental Advantages – CR lead = xx% )

Why 55% Minimum Accuracy?

Should I devilmon Sigmarus?

  • Yes. Especially his 2nd and 3rd skills

Sigmarus VS Theomars?

  • Sigmarus better than Theomars for DB10
    • Sig have AoE on 3rd and it’s based on target’s MAX HP
    • Theo more to PVP hype

Slot 4 : ATK% vs CR% vs CD% ( Roughly )?

  • ATK
    • A unit that use ATK on slot 4 if it has a skill / heals that scales on ATK. For example Hwahee or bombers ( Seara / Kobold Bombers / Liebli )
    • Generally not many unit use ATK on slot 4 because it doesn’t increase the damage compared to a CD or CR rune
  • CR or CD
    • It is preferred to go CR on slot 4 to max CR first before considering CD.
    • Imagine this : a unit with no CR, and CD on slot 4 will not be reliable and when it crits ( when it crits ) sure it may be a lots but most of the time it’s inconsistent and makes the damage output not that nice.
    • Once you get enough CR from subs you can shift over to CD and you will notice a big spike in damages.
    • So to sum it up: a nuker prefers CR > CD > ATK when first starting out. Once you have good CR you shift over to CD.

Why the runs still failing when all the requirements already met?

  • Make sure your unit speed – tuned nicely. We already included in the guide, makes sure to reread and speed tune your units!
  • Lots of people failed their runs because they didn’t consider about speed tuning their units…

Thanks to user nickhalden93 for creating this Verdeless DB10 Face Team Guide for Summoners War.

Do you have any suggestions or feedback for this Verdeless DB10 Guide for Summoners War? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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