Happy Wheels: Brutal, but successfully – now available as an App for iPhone and iPad


Happy Wheels by Jim Bonacci

Now the game Happy Wheels is available as an app for iPhone and iPad. In this game you need to ride a Segway on a route and try not to be killed. Here Happy Wheels is pretty brutal when legs departing or objects crush in our character.

Nevertheless probably the players just really like the brutality of Happy Wheels. Also, the difficulty of the current 15 level continues to grow, so you have to watch closely to achieve the goal. What else do you have to expect in Happy Wheels for iPhone and iPad, and whether there is the app for Android in Google Play store, can be found in the following App Review.

Happy Wheels: 15 challenging levels


Happy Wheels Screenshot © Jim Bonacci

In Happy Wheels you start on a Segway. To move, there are two buttons on the bottom right, with those you can drive to the left and to the right. In the air you can rotate in those directions too. Last but not least, there is then a jump button to overcome obstacles.

In the course of Happy Wheels for iPad and iPhone more elements are added. Among other things, there are moving platforms, switches and more. In addition, objects falling from the sky, which can be very dangerous for our driver.

Dangerous! Happy Wheels is pretty brutal, because soon our protagonist may lose his legs. Instead on the Segway this then only slide on the ground. Furthermore, you can also be crushed by other objects. The aim of the game is to reach the end of each level. Currently there are 15 challenging levels, some levels are very extensive and always add new elements.

Create your own routes in the editor

Whom the 15 Level of Happy Wheels are not enough, can use the integrated editor to build further routes and test them. This levels you can also share with your friends via email. Whether additional level can be found for download on the Internet, we could not test to date.

Gameplay video for Happy Wheels

So that you can make yourself a better impression of Happy Wheels, we have a gameplay video for the game. Here’s the video:

Download Happy Wheels

At first glance, Happy Wheels looks like a game in which you have to go on a Segway through different levels. But then, suddenly everything is different. Instead of a normal platform game, in which a distance has to be covered, we must constantly watch our character on the Segway, because dangers lurk everywhere and quickly his legs fall off or he is completely crushed by objects. Blood is even comic-like shown, so the game is not for children.

Overall, the app offers over 15 funny level, the macabre humor of Happy Wheels must be understood, otherwise you will uninstall the app probably immediately. Happy Wheels is currently available for free for iPhone and iPad. We could not yet see the original Android version in the Google Play Store.

Happy Wheels for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the iTunes App Store

Happy Wheels  can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store, iOS 6 is required. The project is financed through advertising which can be disabled via an in-app purchase. Happy Wheels is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Is Happy Wheels available for Android?

Currently there is not the original Happy Wheels in Google Play Store, but of course many alternatives have been immortalized with the slogan. The ratings of most apps, however, are low and are not convincing.

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